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Chicago-Based Artist Christian Prieman Talks New Music and Being On Tour

Zack Miller

Another Tuesday night, another Production Night Session — The Phoenix’s new live-stream series featuring Chicago artists performing and answering questions from reporters.

This week’s guest was Christian Prieman, a Chicago-based artist who performs solo as well as with several rock groups, including Infamous Martyrs, Cult Kids and Heartfelt.

Prieman’s first song doesn’t currently have a title and has yet to be recorded, though it was included in a yet-to-be-released live session at the Oakdale House, a venue in Akron, Ohio.

While on the topic of new music, Prieman discussed what he has released in 2020 so far, which includes two four-song extended plays (EP) and two singles for a total of ten songs.

His most recent single, “Shelter In Place,” was released on a compilation named “Songs From the Quarantine,” from which all proceeds are being used to purchase personal protective equipment for healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

While “Shelter In Place” was written in one night, he’s had trouble writing since, saying it stems from the boredom quarantine has created.

“I’ve been trying to write stuff but every time I’m like ‘This sucks, I’m going to watch my fifth movie for the day,’” Prieman said.

Despite experiencing a writing slump since the beginning of quarantine, Prieman still has more music coming out through one of his other projects, Infamous Martyrs. The group is releasing a re-recording of their first album May 8.

“Our first album wasn’t that good in terms of recording quality and performance,” Prieman said. “We decided to take that down and re-record some of the songs and there’s some new stuff we added. … I’m really excited for that, there are some new renditions of old songs on there.”

His third song, “The Wanderer,” was written when he stopped in Nashville during a solo road trip. He said he went days at a time without talking to anyone while on the road, which inspired the song.

“I took an extended road trip a couple of summers ago, no map, and I just started driving,” Prieman said. “I was having a real bummer of a night in Nashville [and] being around all those people I felt way more alone than when I was by myself.”

Prieman is experienced on the road, and not just from road trips — he also drives bands on tour. The first of which was Ohio-based band The Sonder Bombs.

He documented the tour through videos and interviews in an attempt to make a documentary but the project fell apart when he realized the audio quality of some clips made them unusable.

To fix this he put their song “Atom” over the compilation of tour footage and sent it to the group after the trip. To his surprise, they made it their official music video for the song.

Prieman ended the set with the title song of his seventh and final EP of 2018, “Give Up.”

The next Production Night Session will be at 6 p.m. CST on the Loyola Phoenix Instagram @loyolaphoenix.

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