Loyola Unveils an Interactive COVID-19 Dashboard

Courtesy of Loyola University ChicagoLoyola's COVID-19 dashboard is updated daily with stats about testing and positive cases at the university.

In an effort “to ensure a safe return” for the Loyola community, the Office of the President announced the creation of a COVID-19 Testing Dashboard.

The new dashboard includes the number of tests conducted by Loyola, positive cases reported and the positivity rate. The dashboard doesn’t include tests and results from other clinics or self-reported cases from the Loyola community, according to the university’s website.

Instead of an email going out every time there’s a positive case, all positive cases will now be displayed on Loyola’s COVID-19 Dashboard, a Sept. 10 email said.

The dashboard, announced in an Aug. 24 email, allows people to stay informed about the number of Loyola-provided tests conducted throughout the past two months. From Jul. 24 to Sept. 15, there have been 896 Loyola COVID-19 tests and eight positive cases.

The dashboard’s homepage also includes links to redirect faculty, students and staff to the COVID-19 dashboards for the City of Chicago, State of Illinois and a global COVID dashboard provided by John Hopkins University.

On Loyola’s dashboard, there are three colors — maroon, yellow and orange — that represent the status of COVID-19 at Loyola. The maroon bar represents the number of tests conducted on that particular day. Yellow, which overlaps the red bar, indicates the number of positive cases for that day. Finally, the continuous orange line represents the total number of positive cases over time.

The university has also set up an online COVID-19 Symptom Checker. After answering a variety of yes or no questions, students will then be presented with a message and a green (no COVID-19 signs), yellow (“some symptoms” and might want to stay home) or red (symptoms, prohibited from Loyola’s campuses and “contact your health care provider”) icon.

It’s required Loyola be notified of all positive diagnoses, according to the university’s website. Under federal law, the identity of confirmed cases and for those involved in contact tracing will remain confidential, according to Loyola’s Reporting Protocol.

The data from Loyola’s dashboard includes COVID-19 tests reported from the university’s satellite clinic at 6576 N. Sheridan Rd. and targeted testing done on the ground floor of the school’s Institute for Environmental Sustainability. Loyola’s tests are done by registered nurses and nurse practitioners, Joan Holden, wellness center director, said.

Statewide, the University of Illinois currently has the most confirmed cases of any college or university in Illinois, according to data collected by the New York Times.

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