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From the Editor’s Desk: My Fateful Love for Maggie Rogers

Justin Higuchi | Wikimedia CommonsIn 2018, Editor-in-Chief Mary Chappell fell in love with musician Maggie Rogers, pictured above.

This week, Phoenix readers, I’m going to share with you my love for Maggie Rogers.

I’m writing this as I sit below a giant poster of the 26-year-old musician in my room.

I was fatefully introduced to the folk-pop singer-songwriter May 28, 2018. My sister won tickets from her work to pop-rock group HAIM’s Sister Sister Sister tour at Red Rocks near Denver, otherwise known as concert Mecca for any artist.

I was familiar with HAIM, but the tickets were last minute and I didn’t know anything about the concert or its openers — Lizzo and Maggie Rogers.

Maggie performs at Red Rocks in May 2018.

As we drove up the windy road to Red Rocks in an Uber, the driver played Maggie’s EP and asked us if we’d ever heard of her. We hadn’t.

But I fell head over heels in love with her when she took the stage, sporting a messy bun and multi-colored jumpsuit and cape. She owned Red Rocks as her soulful voice echoed through the amphitheater as she sang her early hits — Fallingwater, Alaska, The Color Song and others.

In the months following the show, I obsessed over Maggie’s EP and clung to the few tracks the up-and-coming artist had put out. Then, a year later in January 2019, she released her first full album — Heard it in a Past Life. 

I could go on and on about this album and what each individual track brings to it, but I won’t bore you. What I will say is this album has gotten me through the ups and downs of growing up, college and relationships the past few years. It’s never gotten old. 

I share a love of Maggie with my 26-year-old sister, Kathleen. Maggie has bonded us even closer than I thought possible. Since Red Rocks, we’ve seen her together four times in Denver and Chicago. In November 2018, Kathleen flew to see me in Chicago and we saw Maggie at the Riviera.

Editor-in-Chief Mary Chappell (left) with sister Kathleen Chappell (right) waiting outside Maggie’s August 2019 Denver show. Courtesy of Kathleen Chappell.
Editor-in-Chief Mary Chappell (left) with sister Kathleen Chappell (right) outside Maggie’s September 2019 Chicago show. Mary Chappell | The Phoenix

In August 2019, we saw her at the Ogden Theater in Denver while I was home for the summer, and we were determined to get front row seats. We arrived at the theater about 12 p.m. It had to be about 95 degrees. We were first in line and sat on pizza boxes to keep our rear-ends from burning on the sidewalk for about 6-7 hours. I’m not even embarrassed because we got to stand front and center right in front of the mic.

The pizza boxes Editor-in-Chief Mary Chappell and sister Kathleen Chappell sat on outside Maggie’s Denver show in August 2019 to secure front-row seats. Courtesy of Kathleen Chappell.

The last time I saw her was in Chicago at the Aragon Ballroom in September 2019 when my sister, once again, flew to Chicago to go to the concert with me.

You may think we’re crazy for seeing her so often, but her performances never get old. Her on-stage presence is captivating with her eccentric outfits and her voice resonates in any venue. This is proven when she demands silence throughout the entire theater, turns off her mic and belts her earthy tune, The Color Song.

One of Maggie’s eccentric stage outfits. Courtesy of Kathleen Chappell.

I’ve loved watching her grow as an artist through the years — and was especially proud when she was nominated for a Grammy this past year. I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in the future, and I’m dying for her to release another album so I can soak up more of her magic.

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