Essay: Should We Pull Out Mariah Carey Now or Later?

Katie Anthony | The Phoenix

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“I don’t want a lot for Christmas/ There is just one thing I need,” plays over the speakers in my car as I’m driving to work. As I’m about to full-on belt and dance to this song, I wonder: is it too early to start this?

This idea of Christmas music before Thanksgiving has led to long arguments between even the closest of friends. It seems everyone has an opinion. Personally, I think that everyone should feel free to listen to whatever they want, whenever they want.  

Due to the ongoing debate every year on this topic, Spotify released a statement on its charts that shows when every country starts listening to Christmas music. According to its graph, you can see a slow incline starting Nov. 1 in most countries — though the U.S. starts around Nov. 12 — and then a surge of streaming around the time of Thanksgiving every year. Looking specifically at Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” the song sees a yearly uptick around this time, according to Google trends.

Some people believe we can’t skip over Thanksgiving since every holiday should have its own time to celebrate. The hard part about this theory is Christmas decor starts getting displayed in some stores even earlier — Christmas overtook the shelves of my local Michaels store before Halloween even started. 

On the other side, people argue they just want some more joy in their life. They don’t feel they’re overshadowing Thanksgiving — just adding a little Christmas joy in a tough month. 

November is a hard month with daylight saving time making it darker earlier. Christmas music brings a little light into their lives — especially now with the election drama currently overloading our social media feeds. I mean, who can go wrong with some of Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me.”

I would listen to Christmas music year-round, but I don’t so that I don’t annoy those around me. I mean, sometimes it’s the perfect music to get you into a joyful and caring mood. Especially in 2020 —  with constant stress and tension —  a little “Jingle Bells” that you haven’t heard since “Last Christmas” may just get you into a much deserved happier mood. It would really stink if you had a “Blue Christmas” because you didn’t jam out to “Mary Did You Know.”

I think you should just “Jingle Bell Rock” the Christmas music whenever you wish. I mean, I know personally I always feel a little more “Joy To The World” in my life whenever I listen to Christmas music or see Christmas decorations. 

Puns aside, listen to whatever makes you happy. Especially right now in 2020 when everything seems to be falling apart, you have to take whatever you can get to bring a little joy to your face. 

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