‘Demon’s Souls’ is a Gorgeously Unforgiving Remaster

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Back in June 2020, fans were absolutely thrilled when FromSoftware announced “Demon’s Souls” was getting a remastered version for the PlayStation 5. Released Nov. 12, the new game follows the original’s release for PlayStation 3 in 2009.

A remaster is more than just a graphical update, it pays respect to a game beloved by fans and brings in new fans to form a larger community. 

The latest version of “Demon’s Souls” has new weapons, armors and rings. Instead of waiting for the grueling slow loading times, players can load into a level much quicker than the previous game. 

Also the new omnidirectional rolling system went from four rolls in the original game to eight, granting the player better movement in the remaster.

Since its original 2009 release, “Demon’s Souls” has created a unique genre of action-role playing games for years to come. Following the success of the original game was the “Dark Souls” series, including standalone games such as “Bloodbourne” and “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.” 

All the games have enriching stories, with unique combat styles and similar gameplay. However, they wouldn’t have been made possible without the original “Demon’s Souls” that started it all.  

New players should be prepared to die often. Back in 2009, “Demon’s Souls” wasn’t known for being an easy and relaxing game, but a challenging and grueling experience, which definitely shows in the new remaster. 

“Demon’s Souls” relies on the player to make smart decisions in response to the game’s difficult and methodical enemies.

Level design can range from sprawling medieval cities in the country of Boleteria and the deep molten core of the Stonefang Mines to the gloomy Tower of Latria and so much more.

In order to progress through the game, the player needs to defeat the bosses of each level in order to unlock a checkpoint.  Without doing this, it’s impossible to continue forward. There are shortcuts in each level to reach bosses with more ease, but players must keep a keen eye on where to find them. 

In the remaster, there’s a new storage system that wasn’t in the original. Instead of carrying around discovered items in the game, players have the option to send said items to a storage box and not become burdened.

The currency of the game are souls, which a player wins by slaying enemies. Defeating a boss can also grant a player large amounts of souls. 

These can be used to level up the player’s stats. This can make the player stronger with melee weapons, increase their health, stamina and magic bar or ability to deal more damage with spells. 

The terrific thing about “Demon’s Souls” is there are different paths to success and players will have the ability to choose their routes for years to come. 

What makes the “Demon’s Souls” remake a smash hit is that it sticks to its roots and doesn’t make any glaring changes. 

“Demon’s Souls” costs $69.99 and can be purchased online or at a local GameStop. 

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