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The Stardom of the ‘Stache: Cameron Krutwig’s Famous Facial Hair

Courtesy of Luke MartinCameron Krutwig led the Ramblers with 16 points against Indiana State Jan. 11.

Cameron Krutwig said his girlfriend hates it, but the fans love it. “It,” of course, refers to the mustache he grew out over COVID-19 quarantine — nicknamed by fans as “Krutstache.” The Loyola men’s basketball senior center’s facial hair has now become one of the most talked-about features of any Loyola game.

Courtesy of Loyola Athletics Senior center Cameron Krutwig sports his quarantine mustache in his head shot.

Described as a “mall cop ‘stache” by Loyola head coach Porter Moser, the mustache has garnered attention from fans across social media — so much so that it has its own Twitter account.

“I kind of started over quarantine just for fun,” Krutwig said. “I got back to school and everyone was kind of whatever about it. As the season has gone on and we’ve started to get some more recognition and things, obviously people are talking about it.”

The Twitter account was made in December by an anonymous female fan who’s been following the team for “a couple years now.” After seeing a need for the fan page, the @Krutstache creator just went ahead and created the account. 

With currently 153 followers, the creator said it thrives off fan interactions — going as far as naming the account after someone first tweeted the hashtag #Krutstache. The creator’s favorite followers? Krutwig’s own parents Lori and Kevin, who have been following the account since its early days and often engage with the content. 

“I saw people talking about it on my personal Twitter,” the creator of the Krutstache Twitter account said. “I thought there’s no Porter’s Jacket this year, but there is Cameron Krutwig’s mustache. So, why not break up the pandemic monotony.”

Porter’s Jacket is another fan account, but is dedicated to Moser’s jacket. During a regular season, Moser animatedly tosses his jacket typically during frustrating plays. Without the need to dress up due to COVID-19, the jacket has been missing.

Since its creation, the @Krutstache has been mentioned on many different broadcasts. NBC Sports Chicago has even highlighted the account by publicizing it’s Twitter handle. The creator said the commentary about the mustache has made the account even more fun.

This isn’t the first season Krutwig has grown out the facial hair while at Loyola, and it isn’t the first time it may have brought the team some good luck. In his first year on the Ramblers, Krutwig — and his mutton chops — made it to the NCAA Final Four. 

Moser said he’s enjoyed watching Krutwig have fun with his mustache’s new-found fame — Moser only found out it had garnered so much attention when his own family told him. He said he thinks the more criticism the ‘stache receives, the more it fuels Krutwig to keep it going.

“He just bounces around smiling and loves it. He loves it,” Moser said. “If I really told him to shave it, I think he’d be putting fertilizer on that thing, trying to grow it … he’s going to beat to his own drum and I love it. I let him do it.”

Hanako Maki | The Phoenix Now senior center Cameron Krutwig shows off his mutton chops as he goes for a shot.

Krutwig’s facial hair has not only garnered attention from Loyola fans, but also from within the Loyola team. He said he doesn’t think he could even shave it off until the season ended because the Ramblers wouldn’t “be the same team anymore”

“I’ve gone to the team,” Krutwig said. “I’m like, ‘Hey, I’m probably going to shave this off, man,’ and like that has started World War III.”

Senior guard Lucas Williamson said the Ramblers are a “very superstitious” team, so keeping Krutwig’s ‘stache is a must for right now. No. 22 Loyola — with, maybe, the help of the mustache — is currently boasting a 17-3 record, No. 1 place in the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) and a NET ranking of No. 12 in the nation. 

However, Williamson said he wasn’t aware until recently just how much of a following Krutwig’s facial hair had.

“I just found out that Krut’s mustache has been the talk of the town, like yesterday,” he said. “I didn’t know people were really talking about it. I like it. I think it fits him. I think it fits his personality.”

Although the mustache has received love from fans across the Loyola community, there has been one Krutwig fan who’s been against it — Krutwig’s girlfriend.

Luckily, she doesn’t have to see it too often as she plays softball for the University of Missouri, St. Louis. 

“My girlfriend doesn’t really like it that much, but she’ll stay,” Krutwig said. “‘Cause we love each other, so she’ll live with it. She doesn’t like it, but she’ll live with it.”

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