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From The Editor’s Desk: A Love Letter to J.B. Alberto’s Pizza

Luis Mejía | The PhoenixJ.B. Alberto's in Rogers Park serves the best pizzas in the city.

The requirements for the perfect comfort food include its proximity to your home, its reliability and affordability. When I’m seeking comfort food, I’m not looking to travel a long distance on the L or break the bank — which is why I’ve found my safe space at J.B. Alberto’s. 

Located steps away from the Morse Red Line Station at 1326 W. Morse Ave., J.B.’s is the epitome of the perfect Chicago pizza — the square, tavern-style Chicago pizza. If you grew up around Chicago, like me, it’s the kind of pizza you got for birthday parties and classroom parties.

J.B.’s is no-frills: order your pizza, show up about 30 minutes later, walk up to the counter and receive your reliably delicious pizza. It’s not one of those pizza joints that tries to be something it’s not — all the ingredients are recognizable, classic and the choice of what goes on your pizza is entirely yours. The pick-up area is small, with a few chairs lining the window, but has a home-like feel. 

My perfect pizza is a thin crust topped with garlic, pepperoni and basil, sprinkled with the packeted red pepper flakes the cashier generously fills your bag with — if you ask. It’s also the perfect meal to split with loved ones — I’m personally not an onions and mushrooms girl, but when I order J.B.’s (almost weekly) with my boyfriend and roommate, they get those toppings on their own half.

What I’m trying to say is, find your comfort food. The place you know you can go for a consistently good meal, one that’s nearby and open late. If you live in Rogers Park, I highly suggest you make J.B.’s part of your comfort list.

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