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STAFF EDITORIAL: Let’s Take A Break from the News and Enjoy Fall

Alec Karam | The PhoenixFall means beautiful campus imagery and delightful food — among other things — so let's take a moment to enjoy it.

The world has been a Titanic-level sinking ship since March 2020 — probably before — with news of COVID-19, misinformation, an attempted insurrection and Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s balls. 

While finding a true escape from the madness of the real world isn’t possible, the aesthetic of fall provides a palatable backdrop. The Phoenix editorial board has compiled a list of our favorite fall things to help the student body find the positive in today’s troubling world.


Fall is objectively (well, maybe subjectively) the best time of year on campus. East quad turns into a beautiful palette of warm colors as the leaves cover the ground. It’s the perfect time for Loyola to take brochure photos — too bad their Instagram is on a hiatus, though.

Lay in a pile of leaves like a stock photo model. Chill by the lake with a latte and prepare to do homework. Embrace the fall student vibe in its fullest form, the radiant golden glow of fall won’t be here for long.


Summer puts people in survival mode. There’s no time to look cute when you’re trying not to sweat off your entire body weight. As fall rolls around and brings in temperate weather, it’s finally time to show off our cutest looks.

Pop on a chic sweater. Strut in a daring pea coat. Toss your sneakers into the back of your closet and opt for some chelsea boots. Fall is the Goldilocks of seasons for fashion — not too cold, not too hot. Wear what you want, not what you have to (while you can). Winter is right around the corner, so you might as well show off the best of your closet before your thick winter coat hides it for the rest of the year. 


The weather that rolls in around the beginning of October is some of the best Chicago has to offer. It’s the perfect medium between our scorching summers and polar vortex-laden winters. 

It’s also a fantastic time to take advantage of Rogers Park’s wide selection of stores and take a stroll on a chill day to one (or more) of them. It’s also the perfect opportunity to commit to some day-long plans to explore new parts of the city now that you won’t overheat or freeze after a few hours. 


The mix of fall weather and stunning, natural visuals make for the ideal time to listen to mellow music. Acoustic, lo-fi or just chill music — you name it. It’s all great for enjoying the outdoor conditions fall has to offer.

Accompany the aforementioned stroll with a perfect playlist — and if you’re looking for some recommendations, check out a playlist our staff put together with the best of last October’s new releases. 

Scary Movies

As Halloween creeps into view, dust off your Shudder subscription and prepare to be spooked. Think back to the dopamine rush your tween self got when Disney Channel would rebrand for “Monstober” and enjoy the simplicity of the horror world.

People live, people die, but the real world ceases to exist. While Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) in the “Scream” franchise has to deal with people wanting to murder her and everyone she knows, she doesn’t have to worry about COVID-19 and the ravaging effect Facebook misinformation has had on family gatherings. 

For that, she should be grateful. As should we when we get to escape into those fantastical worlds.


The eternal debate of which autumn flavoring is better, apple or pumpkin, continues to rage on — and we don’t mind it. Bring on the apple and pumpkin flavored everything. The coffee and caramel apples alone are wonderful, not to mention all the baked goods inspired by the season.

And on top of that, there’s Halloween candy, which is especially sweet at its Nov. 1 discounted price.

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