Loyola Keeps Up Vaccine Mandate for Vendors

Zack Miller | The PhoenixLoyola continues to require its vendors to be vaccinated in order to work on any campus, according to the university website.

Loyola requires all vendor employees and contract workers who do business on campus to be vaccinated against COVID-19, according to Loyola’s website

Loyola said it required contractors to be vaccinated from COVID-19 for the same reason they required vaccinations for students, faculty, and staff: to protect the health, safety, and well-being of the community, according to university spokesperson Anna Shymanski Zach.

“The policy went into effect and was posted to our website in early September and vendors with employees on campus every day were required to upload their proof of vaccination to Loyola Health by September 21,” Shymanski Zach said. 

All of Loyola’s vendors and contractors are separated into two tiers depending on how much work they do at the university’s campus.

Tier one are vendors or contractors with employees who work on campus on a daily basis and have a university ID (UVID). Tier two vendors are vendors or contractors with employees or subcontractors on campus intermittently or for a specified period of time, according to Loyola’s website “vendor vaccine requirements” tab. 

Tier one vendor employees were required to upload their COVID-19 vaccination card, just like students, the website said. 

Vendors who fall under Tier 1 include

–  The Millard Group, Loyola’s housekeeping 

– Aramark, Loyola’s food provider 

– HandCut Foods, food service

– Power Wellness, business management consultant

– MV Transportation, Loyola’s 8-Ride provider 

– Canon, 

– Urban Elevators, elevator service 

– Follett Bookstore, educational products, services, and technology 

– McNitt Consulting, business management consulting 

– Rush Physical Therapy

Similar to Loyola’s case-by-case exemption policy, employees of Tier one vendors who believe they qualify for a religious or medical exemption from the vaccine have to contact their company’s human resources department, according to the website.

Each vendor is responsible for approving the exemptions of their employees and vendors must notify Loyola of any employee with an approved exemption, the website said. Loyola has no say in whether vendors’ employees receive exemptions. 

Employees who qualify for an exemption are required to participate in Loyola’s COVID-19 surveillance testing program which includes testing twice per week if on campus two or more days within the testing time window, Loyola’s website said. 

Loyola is still processing some vaccination uploads and doesn’t have access to vaccination data for all vendors at this time, according to Shymanski Zach. 

“Because Loyola does not have access to vaccination data for all vendors and is still processing some uploads in collaboration with the vendor proxies who manage the accounts, we cannot provide an accurate breakdown of vaccinations and exemptions amongst our vendors at this point in time,” Shymanski Zach said. 

Failure to test will be subject to the COVID-19 Compliance Policy. Repeated offenses of non-compliance can result in unpaid suspensions and termination. 

Tier two vendors and contractors can only assign vaccinated personnel to Loyola jobs, and workers may be asked to present their COVID-19 vaccination card at any time, according to the policy. 

Tier two employees will not be subject to surveillance testing at Loyola, though they will still need to be vaccinated, according to Loyola’s website.

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