Green Element opened in 2010 and has used the sidewalk outside the store to display furniture for years. In the past couple months, complaints from community members regarding this sidewalk usage have forced the city to become involved.


Two Loyola students were shot by paintball guns around 1:45 a.m. this morning, according to Loyola Campus Safety. A crime alert email was sent out to all Loyola students and staff this morning by Campus …


The changes will include the addition of several new food stations aimed at providing students with an “equal opportunity to enjoy dining services regardless of their food allergy or sensitivity.”


Homeless individuals were living at the Wilson and Lawrence avenue viaducts under Lake Shore Drive in an area known as “Tent City.” For the past two years, their tents were pushed against the wall to allow a passable walkway for pedestrians on the 14-feet-wide sidewalks. An eviction deadline of 7 a.m. on Sept. 18 displaced those who had called the bridges home.


As an assistant professor in the psychology department at Loyola, Wakefield is researching how we learn through different types of movement experiences: namely, “actions” and “gestures.” She distinguishes between the two by defining actions as things we do that physically manipulate the world, and a gesture as something that can represent information, but not actually manipulate the world.