Semester in Review: No Shortage of Historic Moments

With another semester over, we are looking back at some of its significant moments. The PHOENIX took an in-depth look at how the university handles sexual assault cases, the United States elected a new president, Loyola inaugurated a new president and one Chicago sports team made history.

Study Reveals What Litters Chicago’s Shores

Chicago’s beaches are slowly starting to resemble landfills, as visitors continuously leave litter behind. A recent study conducted by Loyola associate professor of biology Timothy Hoellein and senior biology student Anna Vincent reveals the truth behind the trash piling up at Ohio Street Beach.

Chicago to Charge Tax for Paper and Plastic Bags

Shoppers in Chicago might want to start stocking up on reusable bags now if they don’t want to pay an extra fee of 7 cents for every plastic or paper bag used in stores.The new tax will be enacted Jan. 1. Of the tax, 5 …