Black History Month Honors Tradition of Radical Resistance

Black History Month is a time to honor our heroes, many of whom are the great intellectual thinkers of our time, but we must also honor the many nameless revolutionaries, particularly women, whose sacrifices are the reason we may live with such dignity today.

President Trump: Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You

Migrant workers are often paid less than minimum wage. Most live in migrant camps where families of eight lived in a one-room shack and often started work before sunrise, according to data from Farmworkers Justice. It’s laborious, painful work, and most workers cannot afford to even buy the produce they pick.

Censoring Opposing Views Goes Against Freedom of Speech

Whether you like or dislike people who express views different than yours, it’s wrong to ban them from speaking in public or making public appearances. Those individuals have the right to exercise their freedom of speech, just like everyone else.