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Aug. 12, I moved into my new apartment. To break in the place, I decided to throw on the Cubs radio broadcast –– something I haven’t done in a while. They were losing 3-0 to …


Chicago’s biggest sports teams congratulated the Loyola’s men’s basketball team on advancing to the Final Four after its 78-62 win over Kansas State University March 24. In their largest margin of victory in the 2018 …

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The Cubs’ World Series run was special, and fun to watch. However, not everyone is happy it happened, and we’re not just talking about people from Cleveland.


The ultimate goal has been met. Lifetimes of stubbornly optimistic support have finally paid off in the most glorious way possible. And now, what it means to be a Cubs fan has been forever altered. What will be the new role for Cubs fans? Now that we’re champions, what more can we hope for?

Redman's Ramblings

Even though his hometown team, the Cleveland Indians, lost the World Series to the Chicago Cubs, PHOENIX assistant sports editor Henry Redman can sit back and appreciate what the game of baseball means to him.


The Palatine native recorded the entire experience from leaving Los Angeles to attending the first World Series game held at Wrigley Field since 1945.


The Cubs were fighting for their season Tuesday night. They had not won the World Series since 1908, and another year was almost added to that count.


The PHOENIX assistant sports editor Henry Redman, an Indians fan, and staff writer Nick Schultz, a Cubs fan, discuss the most intriguing match-ups of this year’s World Series.