Universities across the country, including Loyola, could soon see changes to the way they handle sexual misconduct allegations, according to a recent report by The New York Times. The proposed rules were obtained by The …


President Donald Trump announced Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his Supreme Court nominee Monday evening. Kavanaugh, 53, would replace former Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy who announced his retirement June 27. Trump had a shortlist of …

Arts & Entertainment

Punk rock is more Jesuit than some might think. With a historical focus on advocacy, politics and social justice, punk bands have been challenging the status quo for decades and calling out societal issues through …


The tax bill signed into law by President Donald Trump late last year will affect Loyola employee payroll, including student workers. Taxability of fringe benefits — benefits given to employees instead of salary or wages — and income tax withholding will undergo changes beginning in 2018, according to a post on Loyola’s finance blog.

Staff Editorial

Studies show that many university professors lean left on the political spectrum. Many of these professors are not afraid to share their political views during their lectures. However, a professor’s political bias should not suppress open discussion in the classroom. It should be used to welcome open discussion, instead.


The mentality of denial halts advancements in creating a sustainable earth for us and future generations. We can’t get stuck in the current convenience of ignoring our nation’s direct contributions to climate change.


When a student at our institution was quoted in a recent article for The Phoenix regarding his fear of being lynched, he didn’t realize lynching is not an insult or a hate crime. It is terrorism. It is radicalized, radicalized and rooted in white supremacy.


President Donald J. Trump’s proposed budget cuts have directly impacted two Loyola professors producing a documentary using federal arts funding. Fr. Mark Bosco, S.J. — an associate professor in both Loyola’s English and theology departments …