It’s spring, and everyone on campus knows what that means: tour groups, and lots of them. But, as seemingly half the high schoolers in the state meander around Lake Shore Campus, there’s an important question …

Student Government

The Student Government at Loyola Chicago (SGLC) announced gendered language was removed from the first-year overnight guest policy, and first-years will be granted more guest passes for the upcoming year July 10. Previously, first-year students …


Loyola enrolled 356 more first-year students than what the university budgeted for the 2017-18 school year, and Residence Life has brought on a consulting group to map out solutions going forward.

Closer Look

Freshmen bring a ton of unnecessary crap to college, taking up precious limited space with tacky floor lamps and shoes that will never be worn. The Phoenix (in partnership with the fabulous Internet) is here …


Curious about what the Class of 2017 is like? Watch here! You won’t be disappointed. MEET THE FRESHMEN Click the link above ^