The building housing the Heartland Cafe in Rogers Park, known for its hippie feel and vegetarian and vegan options, is up for sale after being open 42 years, but owner Tom Rosenfeld said he’d like …


Loyola accepted its largest-ever freshman class this year and is making changes to accommodate the additional students — including moving some off campus.


Loyola students who suffer from life-threatening allergies now have to deal with a drastic price increase to the only device that can save them, EpiPen, the most prominent epinephrine injector on the market.


The student votes are in — Ramblers support banning plastic bags on campus and replacing them with compostable ones, but the administration has the final vote. In October 2013, Gabriella Baldassari, 22, a senior environmental …


A new Starbucks is expected to be built at the corner of North Broadway and Devon Avenue this October, according to a member in the office of Alderman Harry Osterman, of the 48th ward, which …