When parents put their child in a sport, they put their full trust in the coaches, trainers, physical therapists, administrators and older athletes to support their child. Just like school teachers, they’re expected not only …

Staff Editorial

In Chicago’s 2017 Women’s March, 250,000 civilians, many donning the now-iconic pink “pussy hats,” took to the streets to advocate for a body of human rights legislation — namely women’s rights. And their message, chanted …


Loyola senior Luke Landry and his girlfriend, Priyanka Podjale, a DePaul University sophomore, met up with some friends to finish signs ahead of their first Women’s March. They joked and talked as they colored in …

Film & TV

This year’s Golden Globe Awards didn’t just focus on the nominees, but focused on sexual harassment and gender equality issues. Oprah Winfrey was among many who showed support.

Staff Editorial

In light of recent sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Twitter users started sharing their own experiences with sexual harassment and assault the hashtag “#MeToo.”