As Loyola students start the fall semester, one familiar face will be missing: Santos, Loyola’s therapy dog. The lovable canine will transition out of his role while maintaining a limited presence on campus, according to …


Students can look forward to seeing a new friendly face around campus when Loyola’s new therapy dog, Santos, arrives at the end of October.


The university has granted Loyola’s Wellness Center a new part-time mental-health position in order to accommodate the growing student body, according to Dr. David deBoer, the associate director of the Wellness Center and a licensed clinical psychologist.


I’m going to tell you the story of me. It might be a bit long, but it has a point, so bear with me. I was excessively bullied when I was in fifth grade, which …

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There are days when getting out of bed can be difficult for a college student. It’s not the lack of sleep, the piling homework or the bitter cold. It has nothing to do with being …