When Alejandra Duran Arreola was 14 years old, she and her four younger siblings walked from their home town in Mexico through the Arizona desert with their mother. After crossing the border, they eventually settled …

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The White House plans to remove DACA within the next six months. This decision reveals a disconnect between the administration and people that would be affected by the plan. It seems that many citizens, regardless of party-line, support DACA. Trump’s administration does not, and those in Congress are not urgently trying to oppose the phase-out of DACA. It seems the only explanation for their lack of urgency is apathy. City and state governments in Illinois have stepped up to the disenfranchised’s aid. Loyola University Chicago has also provided a helping hand by enrolling 150 undocumented immigrants this fall. It is unclear if this will be enough to make up for the Federal Government’s apathy towards this crucial issue.

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The White House announced Tuesday it will end the program that defers deportation for undocumented immigrants who entered the country as minors, leaving dozens of Loyola students in uncertainty. Former President Barack Obama established the …


President Donald J. Trump campaigned on the promise to expel illegal immigrants from the nation. Under President Obama, undocumented students were protected, but that could change.


Loyola’s student government will soon be trying to fund an undocumented students’ scholarship. As The Phoenix reported, USGA will be proposing a referendum in the spring asking students to add a $2.50 charge to their …