Sanz performs live from Loyola

Live from Loyola, it’s Horatio Sanz!

Last Friday, Campus Life Union Board brought comedian and “Saturday Night Live” cast member Sanz and his team of improvisational actors for a performance in the Mundelein Auditorium as part of Spirit Week. The show was completely sold out, and before the doors to Mundelein opened the line stretched to the edge of Halas Field.

The show opened with five improvisational actors who were joined by Sanz, and certainly proved to be a unique experience.

Freshman Elunia Chrobak thought the show was unlike any improvisational show she had seen before.

“I really enjoyed the laid-back improvisational atmosphere,” Chrobak said. “I loved the originality of it and how it was so unique.”

An example of the uniqueness of the performance was when one of the actors asked a female audience member what was on her mind. After a slight pause, she replied, “Beef.” Then, all six actors began creating scenarios involving beef for the audience.

After a few acts, each comedian took a turn doing a monologue about past experiences in his life – all related to beef. The actors kept the beef theme for numerous acts, then they asked for a new word from the audience.

Each act differed in subject matter and content. The acts ranged from a skit including Michaelangelo and the pope about the making of the “Pope Mobile” to an act about a boy who only had a few hours to live but wanted a visit from the band Creed before he died. Sanz drew laughs from the crowd as he played the pope as well as the dying boy.

Many of the acts repeated themes to catch the audience’s attention and amuse them. For example, the actors used Creed as well as the idea that Tom Hank’s movie “The Terminal” was terrible in two different skits each.After a brief break, the performers returned with a few questions for the audience and to sell Spirit Week T-shirts that Sanz and his improv team signed.

When the actors asked the audience for another word on which to base skits, an audience member shouted senior and president of CLUB Matt Moeller’s name. Although none of the actors knew Moeller, they used his name for a few dentist skits, all culminating with the line, “This tooth brush is coated with AIDS.”

The second half of the show was more adult-oriented than the first. Specifically, the show ranged from the morbid concept of shooting a girl in the face to one improv actor modeling baby shoes on a certain part of his lower anatomy. The performance got wild and made many audience members laugh; however, the entire crowd was not pleased.

Freshman Chandler Easley was a little disappointed by the show.

“It wasn’t funny,” Easley said. “The only thing remotely funny was just the fact that Horatio Sanz was there. I mean, there were a few funny moments, but not as funny as it should have been.”

Despite Easley’s response, the audience filled Mundelein Auditorium with laughter for most of the night.

Junior Matt Bowman, the mainstage chair of CLUB, contacted Sanz’s publicist to get the comedian to perform at Loyola.

“The Horatio Sanz Improv Comedy Show just happened to be within my committee’s budget and was available for dates we were able to accommodate,” Bowman said. “Being a native of Chicago, the location of our campus helped his decision to come here.”

“We get many of the ideas for candidates from programming magazines, and from there we establish a pool of possible artists and who would be most interesting for the Loyola society,” Bowman said. “[Because he plays] a major role on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ we felt Sanz would be a great comedian to bring.”


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