Breaking: Students evacuated on north and south side of campus

The Loyola PHOENIX
The Loyola PHOENIX

Students on both the north and south sides of campus filed out of their buildings Thursday night in events possibly unrelated to one another.

San Francisco Hall, Marquette South Hall and Georgetown Hall lost power Thursday night after problems with a transformer, but the buildings are safe to return to. The problem is in the process of being resolved, according to Campus Safety.

Students living in Georgetown were not evacuated, following a flash of light and a loud noise, but many students immediately filed out the building, according to Victoria Hagan, a 19-year-old psychology major.

Hagan and Kristyn Glover, 19, sophomore residents of Georgetown Hall, were in the kitchen of their apartment when the noise sent Hagan running to her roommate Glover’s bedroom, which overlooked Rosemont Avenue.

“I was in the kitchen and I thought I heard something [that sounded like] a gunshot come from outside,” she said. “We heard sirens so we went into Kristyn’s bedroom to see what was going on outside. We saw little sparks coming out of the lamp post so we called Campus Safety, but they told us they were already on their way.”

Glover describes the experience as something “out of a movie.”

“It couldn’t have been more than three minutes after we saw a police officer and a firefighter flashing a light at the pole, and then there was a loud and bright explosion,” the biology major said. “It honestly sounded like a bomb went off.”

Chicago Police Department Office of News Affairs had no information on the incident.

On the north side of campus, Campion Hall was evacuated after a fire alarm went off, according to Amber White, a Resident Advisor for the freshman residence hall.

“I had called to get them to turn off the fire alarm in the hallway in the stairwell,” White said. “I thought it was just left on from earlier from the fire drill and they said no, we need you to evacuate. It’s still going off. …Campus Safety can’t respond yet.”

Although Campus Safety still doesn’t know why the alarm was going off, Campion residents were allowed to re-enter the building.

White said that due to other things going on around campus, evacuating the building was to keep everyone’s best interest in mind. She could not say whether the two events on either side of campus were related, but expects to get a follow-up email to explain the cause for evacuation.

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