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Emily VanCamp Talks Captain America vs. Iron Man, Marvel’s Upcoming Film

Marvel has cranked out quite a few superhero films in the last couple years, and its newest movie, Captain America: Civil War, is right around the corner. This film, which is the third installment of the Captain America collection, follows the growing conflict between Captain America and Iron Man.

imagesIn Civil War, conflict is at an all-time high with the Avengers. This stems from the growing dispute over superheroes being held accountable for their actions by the government. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), aka Captain America, believes the government shouldn’t interfere in this matter, while Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), aka Iron Man, believes the government should. This issue escalates to a point where the Avengers must choose a side: Team Cap or Team Iron Man.

Actress Emily VanCamp (The Ring Two, The Girl in the Book), who plays Agent 13/Sharon Carter, took the time to do a phone interview with The Phoenix.

“I have such an attachment to Sharon and her loyalty to Steve and Captain [America], I just feel that I sort of agree with him,” said VanCamp. However, she went on to say, “It’s tough, though, because to have superheroes running around, without any sort of monitoring, it does seem wild and crazy. But I really see both sides.”

VanCamp talked about how her character, Sharon, finds herself in this conflict.

“I think when we met her in The Winter Soldier, she was kind of at a rookie stage. She was figuring out what her feelings on everything were like, where her loyalties lie,” VanCamp said.

In the previous Captain America movie, Sharon may have been unsure of herself, but VanCamp said audience members will see a more confident and bold woman in Civil  War.

“When we find her, she’s working in Berlin [with] the Joint Terror Taskforce,” VanCamp said, describing what Sharon has been up to since The  Winter Soldier.

VanCamp said Sharon is introduced in Civil  War after attending the funeral of Peggy Carter, who appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger. Fans of the Marvel comics will know that Sharon and Peggy are related, and that Peggy was the love interest of Captain America in the first movie, before he crash landed a plane and was frozen in the Arctic for more than 60 years.

“We meet her at Peggy’s funeral and that’s where Steve finds out sort of who she really is, because it was never mentioned inThe Winter Soldier,” she said. “Her openly being Sharon Carter, Cap knowing she’s Sharon Carter, it kind of allowed us to delve into their relationship a little bit more and really dig into where her loyalties are. It’s just really fun to play, now that it’s not hidden who she is.”

Emily_VanCamp_as_Agent_13This creates tension for VanCamp’s character.

“We see that the stakes are high for her because her job is at stake if she’s helping Cap,”  VanCamp said.

Marvel has made many successful films in the past and VanCamp said this one will be the biggest. She credits this to the Russo brothers (Anthony and Joseph) who directed the film.

This is the second Marvel film the Russo brothers have directed (the first being The  Winter Soldier).

“With a movie of this scale, it’s kind of amazing to have two people [directing] … One person can be focusing on one thing [and] one person can be focusing on the other,” VanCamp said. “So they really get great performances. They get great effects.”

VanCamp also spoke about the growing Marvel cinematic universe and how it has gotten better with each additional film.

“I just feel like each movie gets better and better,” VanCamp said. “It’s amazing to me … This film is just absolutely epic, from introducing these great new characters to these epic battle scenes. It’s just taking it to a whole other level.”

There is already a lot hype surrounding Civil War, and VanCamp only adds to that.

“I just feel like this is kind of the biggest [movie] they have done yet, and that’s kind of what Marvel does,” she said. “They never, never disappoint.”

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6.


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