Six Reports of Battery, Robbery in Eight Days

Tony Webster

A Loyola student was the victim of an armed robbery Tuesday afternoon, just two blocks north of Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus (LSC) and in close proximity to where many students live in off-campus apartments.

The armed robbery took place around 2 p.m. on the 1300 block of W. North Shore Ave., according to an email sent out to the Loyola community. The student reported that three men approached him, displayed a gun and demanded his possessions, according to the email. He also reported that the three men fled the scene in a black car.

This armed robbery is the latest in a series of crimes that have been reported on or near Loyola’s two campuses. In a span of eight days, Campus Safety received four reports of battery and two reports of armed robberies on or around the Lake Shore and Water Tower campuses.

Map of crime on Loyola's Lake Shore and Water Tower Campuses

Although an attempted armed robbery took place off campus, an armed robbery and four reports of battery — which is defined as any physical contact that’s of insulting or provoking nature or causes bodily harm — occurred at on-campus locations. Of the six reports since April 19, three involved Loyola students. Campus Safety would not provide the gender of the individuals involved.

The first in the string of crime incidents was reported to Campus Safety on April 19 at 7:30 p.m. when Chicago Police Department contacted Campus Safety to report that a Loyola student had been the victim of an attempted armed robbery in Old Town, a neighborhood about one mile north of WTC. Campus Safety Sergeant Tim Cunningham wrote in an email statement to The PHOENIX that the student involved never filed a report with Campus Safety, so the department had no further details on the reported crime.

At 9:52 p.m. that same day, Campus Safety received a report from a person with no affiliation to Loyola that he or she had witnessed a battery the day before in the Lawson parking lot on Chicago Avenue by the Chicago Red Line stop. No investigation has been opened because of a lack of evidence, according to police logs.

On WTC, two reports of battery were reported in less than two hours of each other on April 21. In the first report, which Campus Safety received at 6:01 p.m., a student reported being the victim of a battery on East Pearson Street, where Corboy Law Center is located. CPD arrived on the scene and took a case report, according to Campus Safety’s weekly security log. The case is currently under investigation.

“We always encourage anyone who is the victim of a crime to make a CPD case report,” Cunningham said, explaining under which circumstances a crime is also reported to CPD. “It is up to [the student] to follow through.”

At 7:32 p.m. that same day, an individual reported that he or she was the victim of a battery at Baumhart Hall. Although the security log initially identified the victim as a Loyola professor, an email update later stated the victim was not a professor but was someone who rented space from the university. This report, too, is now under investigation, according to police logs.

On April 24 at 12:15 a.m., two people with no affiliation to Loyola reported a battery that took place by Regis Hall on Winthrop Avenue. This report was referred to CPD.

Although five of the reported crimes took place on campus, the Loyola community didn’t receive crime alerts for four of them at the time Campus Safety was notified. This is because the crimes didn’t meet the definition of Clery Crimes, Cunningham wrote in an email statement to The Phoenix.

The Clery Act, a law passed in 1990, requires universities that receive federal funding, such as Loyola, to share information about crimes that occur on campus or in buildings owned by the university.

“We do send out crime alerts for incidents that fall outside of Clery geography but only when those represent an on-going or imminent threat,” Cunningham stated. “Even if [this week’s] crimes met those definitions, they were not related and did not pose an on-going or imminent threat which is also needed for the crime alerts.”

Clery geography is limited to buildings owned or rented by the university. Therefore, crimes that occur outside those borders aren’t necessarily required to be reported to the Loyola community.

The reports of robberies that have appeared in Campus Safety’s weekly crime logs follow a pattern of increased robberies in the Rogers Park policing district, which includes LSC, since last year. In CPD’s most recent crime statistic report, which documents incidents that occurred between Jan. 1 and April 16, there have been 99 reports of robberies. That’s 57 more than there were at this time last year.

However, Cunningham said he isn’t shocked about the recent reports of robberies and batteries on and around Loyola’s two campuses.

“None of [the crimes] were connected and coincidentally occurred in the same week,” he said.

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