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Phoenix Picks: Week of 10/17

The Phoenix is excited to present its first Phoenix Picks playlist of the semester. The list is compiled of our favorite songs that we’ve been listening to throughout the week. If you haven’t been up to date with the new music the kids down your hall are into, check out this playlist! Some notable artists include rappers Mac Miller and Kid Cudi, indie-style musicians Glass Animals and Bon Iver, and even notable pop singers Skylar Grey and AlunaGeorge. To help along with your hectic midterm studying, we encourage you to pull out your headphones, kick back in your chair and enjoy the musical flow for a few moments.


  • “Dang!” – Mac Miller, Anderson .Paak

Mac Miller’s new album, “Divine Feminine” has generated a lot of buzz since its release. Along with Anderson .Paak’s soothing and affectionate voice, this downtempo track transforms into a lively rhythm that will inflate your mood throughout the week.

  • “Get Low” – James Vincent McMorrow

In his newest album “We Move,” McMorrow notably shifted his style into subtle R&B sounds. “Get Low” is a track that consists of low beats, and more thoughtful, desolate tones.

  • “Kill For You” – Skylar Grey, Eminem

Grey’s strong voice elevates this track to high emotional levels, and with Eminem’s emotional rapping, the sound becomes mysteriously deep and impactful.

  • “Can’t Let Go, Juno” – Kishi Bashi

This indie pop track by singer Kishi Bashi has elements of dream-like transcendence, bringing listeners in and out of reality. It’s the perfect song to escape to in the midst of midterms.

  • “Season 2, Episode 3” – Glass Animals

The jazzy opening of this song will bring a smile to your face. Its energetic rhythm and silly lyrics elicit pleasant feelings and are a perfect listen for a laid-back day.

  • “Gameshow” – Two Door Cinema Club

This song kicks the band’s sound up a notch with fluid, indie-rock intensity. Two Door Cinema Club just dropped their newest album “Gameshow,” and this particular song is reminiscent of their older tunes with an exciting, updated twist.

  • “You’re Mine” – Phantogram

Phantogram, an American dream-pop band, has always been experimental with its sound. “You’re Mine,” with its loud, rapid beats and electronica sound will bring its listeners on a dramatic and unpredictable wave of emotions.

  • “Frequency” – Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi’s smooth voice creates a low, R&B flow that is reminiscent of his older material.  The last lyrics of the song stand out poetically. He says, “Color outside the lines, and tune in to the frequency.  Chill all alone; love is the rule. And follow it to the frequency.” The song carries a serious tone all throughout, and Kid Cudi admirably communicates his feelings in a genuine way.

  • “Wanderlust” – AlunaGeorge

With a sound similar to that of electronic group Odesza, AlunaGeorge creates a whole album full of irresistible songs with her enchanting voice. As the title suggests, “Wanderlust” entices its listeners to take on their own unforgettable adventures. The sounds will make you feel away from the moment.

  • “Five Minutes” – Her

Although it starts off slow, “Five Minutes” soon captures its sultry sound with surprisingly few instruments, intense suggestive language and captivating voices.

  • “Above Control” – Warpaint

Warpaint’s psychedelic-rock style is skillfully conveyed in “Above Control”  The song starts off with spooky extraterrestrial-like influences. It ascends quickly as the band picks up on the use of drums, guitar and actively participating with their haunting voices. By the end of the song, the listener is still left with a feeling of obscurity, not exactly sure of what they just experienced.

  • “8 (circle)” – Bon Iver

The brilliant indie-folk band Bon Iver perfectly caps off this playlist to get you through the week. The artist oversteps boundaries, as he always does, with his new music. With “8 (circle),” Bon Iver creates diverse, soothing sounds that intermingle together. Moment by moment, intensity builds and soon releases into an uplifting wave of serenity and clarity.

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