Students Give Maintenance Requests Some Mixed Reviews

Whether it’s a burnt-out light bulb, a faulty sink or a flooded bathroom, maintenance problems are inevitable for students living on campus. If you do run into a maintenance problem, all maintenance requests go through Loyola’s Facilities Department using the The Maintenance Authority (TMA) system.

Facilities has been using the TMA system, which is a maintenance management software, for about 20 years. Students can fill out a maintenance request by visiting the Facilities website or calling 773-508-1200, according to Associate Vice President for Facilities Kana Henning.

In the 2015-2016 school year, a total of 40,085 maintenance issues were reported to Facilities, and 38, 986 of those issues were fixed, Henning said. So far, in the 2016-2017 school year, there have been 14, 382 issues reported and 12, 147 have been fixed so far, she said.

Depending on the priority level of the issue, she said, it can take anywhere from a few hours to two weeks to resolve the request.

“We give a priority to emergency requests . . . Those types of requests we aim to complete within one day or less,” Henning said. “Anything else that’s sort of a routine or more medium-level type request that is not of a security or safety issue . . . we aim to fill those within five business days.”

Henning said requests that are enhancements rather than repairs can take up to 14 days to fix. Facilities classifies emergencies as safety and security issues, or problems that can cause severe damage to the building if prolonged.

Students from Lake Shore Campus (LSC) and Water Tower Campus (WTC) have mixed reactions about filling out maintenance requests using the TMA system.

At WTC, Facilities has eight operating engineers and three maintenance mechanics to fix maintenance issues, according to Henning. The LSC has 24 operating engineers and 16 maintenance mechanics, she said.

Sophomore Katie Pelant, who lives in Baumhart Hall on WTC, said she used the TMA system for the first time this year to fill out a maintenance request to fix her microwave.

“Our microwave plate broke out, so we needed a maintenance worker to come fix it in our dorm,” said the marketing major.

Facilities responded by phone within two days of the request and fixed the issue an hour after calling, according to Pelant.

Sophomore Fiona Kennedy, who lives on LSC, did not have such a great experience using the TMA system. Kennedy had a flooded bathroom last school year when she lived in Simpson Hall on LSC. Floods are classified as an emergency maintenance issue, according to Henning. Kennedy filled out a maintenance request online using the TMA system, but she said her issue was not resolved for two to three days.

“We opened the bathroom door, and it was filled with, like, three inches of water,” said Kennedy, 19. “I had to use my rain boots to go to the bathroom.”

Kennedy had another bathroom issue this school year while living in Regis Hall, but instead of using the TMA system to fill out a request, she called the Campus Safety dispatcher (773-508-6039) to resolve her issue.

“I didn’t really understand how to do the TMA system, and it took so long … so my friend told me to call Campus Safety and it was so much faster and more convenient,” said the political science major.

Students who aren’t comfortable using the TMA system online or calling the Facilities number can contact a Resident Assistant (RA) to fill out a request, or they can directly ask maintenance workers on campus to address the issue.

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