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Phoenix Picks: Week of 11/28

This week’s Phoenix Pick’s features new releases from major artists such as The Weeknd, John Mayer, Childish Gambino and John Legend. You can enjoy this playlist whether you’re relaxing or while you’re getting ready for those tough finals.

“Dear To Me” – Electric Guest

“Dear To Me” is Electric Guest’s first single in four years. The synth-pop group restores its name with this dreamy, upbeat electronic tune. This LA native band will keep your spirits lifted with this light-hearted single.

“Send Me An Angel” – Highly Suspect

If you’re looking for a modern Pink Floyd sound, look no further. Highly Suspect released its album, “The Boy Who Died Wolf” on Nov. 18. “Send Me An Angel” adds a psychedelic rock touch to current alternative music.

“Gravity” – Jai Wolf featuring JMR

“Gravity”, is on Jai Wolf’s debut album, “Kindred Spirits,” and it is truly addicting. This song gears up to a nice drop and will easily have you dancing to the beat. Whether you’re running on the treadmill, driving with the windows down or craving a dance party, “Gravity” is perfect for feeling good.

“Party Monster” – The Weeknd

“Party Monster” embodies The Weeknd’s party vibe. The immensely popular R&B musician continues his darker vibe with this single from the new album, “Starboy.” The background vocals layered with The Weeknd’s voice creates a grainy and compelling juxtaposition that adds to his mysterious style.

“Redbone” – Childish Gambino

Known as Donald Glover in the world of acting, Childish Gambino dropped this bluesy single on Nov. 17. The track features soulful R&B vocals, taking a new turn from Gambino’s fiery raps he has had in the past.. “Redbone” is the second single released from his highly anticipated album, “Awaken, My Love!”

“Love On The Weekend” – John Mayer

Singer-songwriter and notorious stud John Mayer steals fans’ hearts again with this new single. It’s been three years since his last album but “Love On The Weekend” is a classic John Mayer song that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

“Ocean Eyes” – Billie Eilish

Breakthrough artist Billie Eilish from Los Angeles made a name for herself with “Ocean Eyes.” This dreamy, serene song features beautiful falsetto vocals from Eilish, supported by bubbly drum beats and piano.

“Penthouse Floor” – John Legend featuring Chance the Rapper

“Penthouse Floor” starts with a hip and funky beat followed by John Legend’s smooth voice. If you don’t listen to John Legend, this track is a perfect place to start. The funky yet romantic song comes together perfectly with a hint of Chicago’s finest, Chance the Rapper.

“Chit Chat” – Beach Weather

This beachy tune nails the sound for which Beach Weather clearly aims.The song is the title track of the pop-rock band’s recently released EP. The track can brighten anyone’s day on the otherwise bleak walk to monring classes.

“Flirt Right Back” – Blackbear

The fifth song from Blackbear’s new album, “Cashmere Noose,” “Flirt Right Back” is a hip, electronic track from the alternative hip-hop artist. “Flirt Right Back” opens with guitar riffs and leads into a repetitive, catchy beat. Once you start listening, you’ll find yourself involuntarily nodding your head.

“Things I’d Do for U” – Astronomyy

This single by indie-electronic band Astronomyy will fill your headphones with an atmospheric sound. This is the perfect song for winding down after a long day.

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