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Phoenix Picks: Week of 11/7

This week’s Phoenix Picks Spotify Playlist includes a variety of genres: alternative, electronic, hip-hop, indie and rock. Some of these songs will make you want to fall asleep in bed, while others will have you dancing on your way to class. Enjoy listening to up-and-coming musicians such as The Japanese House, Terror Jr and Blue Walls, nicely blended with well-known artists such as Jimmy Eat World and Drake.

  1.     “Way to Go” – Empire of the Sun

Is there a bad mood that Empire of the Sun cannot alleviate? “Way to Go” is a single off the group’s new album, “Two Vines,” which was released on Oct.28.

  1.     “Fake Love” – Drake

The track sounds reminiscent of Drake’s summer hit, “Hotline Bling,” but the tracks differ in subject matter. In “Fake Love,” Drake mentions peers inside and outside the industry who take advantage of his status. He says these people pretend they’re his friends, but are actually attempting to surpass him and his success. “Fake Love” is a catchy song that is sure to have you dancing and singing along.

  1.     “Let Me Explain” – Bryson Tiller

Although Tiller has remained quiet since his major-label debut, he just released this SoundCloud loosie with thumping snares and bass. With soulful lyrics and a beat that motivates, this Tiller track has us wanting more from the R&B musician.

  1.     “Through” – Jimmy Eat World

This song is enough to fill the void in your heart that yearns for early 2000s alternative rock. Jimmy Eat World restored fans’ faith in alternative rock with the Oct. 21 release of its album “Integrity Blues.”

  1.     “Nasty’s World” – A$AP Mob

Produced by Chicago native Thelonius Martin, “Nasty’s World” is the fifth track from A$AP Mob newest compilation mixtape, “Cozy Tapes Vol. 1.” The song features A$AP Nast rapping over a beat sampled from James Brown.

  1.     “Pink Sky Lullaby” – Blue Walls

First-year Loyola student Gavin Chisholm and his band Blue Walls are on Spotify, and after one listen you will be hooked on their music. “Pink Sky Lullaby” is an upbeat song that is a pick-me-up on any day.

  1.     “Dead Alive” – The Shins

A quirky new pop cut, “Dead Alive,” is indie rock band The Shins’ first release since the group’s last album came out in 2012. Picking up where they left off, The Shins knock this single out of the park with a relaxed and lively melody you’ll be humming all day.

  1.     “The Middle” – Wet

Wet drops an indie pop beat in “The Middle” that you’ll want to play on repeat. This dreamy tune mixed with an uplifting beat can be relaxing and motivating during those tiring hours of homework.

  1.     “Super Powers” – Terror Jr

This feel-good electronic song comes from a new group, Terror Jr, and it’s filled with soft vocals and vibrant beats. This track comes from Terror Jr’s first album “Bop City” that was released on Oct. 15. The group’s modern sound fits in with the new electronic-pop trend.

  1.  “Home” – Gnash featuring Johnny Yukon

Gnash and Johnny Yukon create a mixture of hip-hop and pop in “Home.” Gnash raps nostalgic lyrics about his feelings of home with soothing vocals from Johnny Yukon. The album art includes family pictures and children’s drawings creating an even more sentimental feel.

  1.  “Swim Against the Tide” – The Japanese House

London native The Japanese House has only been around since 2015 but is making a splash in the world of alternative music. “Swim Against the Tide” is just the right peaceful, calming song to end this playlist.

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