Get Cozy at New Local Diner

Edgewater’s newest breakfast spot, Cozy Corner (6349 N. Clark St.) brings a vintage charm to the neighborhood. On the corner of Clark Street and Devon Avenue, less than half a mile west of the Lake Shore Campus, you can see the welcoming sign of Cozy Corner Restaurant & Pancake House. Even before patrons walk inside, its logo — a steaming cup of coffee on a black-and-white checkered table — exudes a comforting, nostalgic feel.

Cozy Corner’s decor appears to be inspired by a 1970s diner. Lining the walls are vinyl booths in old-school colors: burnt orange, brown and pea green. Tiles of the same color serve as a backsplash for the countertop seating. Across the floor of the restaurant are wooden tables with wooden chairs, each with the Cozy Corner logo emblazoned on the back. In contrast to the antiquated decor, Cozy Corner also has large, modern menu boards behind the front counter.

The menu at Cozy Corner has all of the staples you’d expect from a pancake house: omelettes, skillets and combinations of eggs, potatoes, pancakes and breakfast meats. But the menu also features crepes, a large Mexican breakfast section and a wide variety of sandwiches and burgers. True to diner-form, Cozy Corner also has a selection of homestyle meals, such as meatloaf, turkey roast, country-fried steak and the diner’s classic carved “off the bone” ham.

I visited the Cozy Corner on a weekday morning, and I was pleased to get a table instantly. My friendly waitress, Yecenia, quickly gave me a glass of water and directed my attention to a list of Early Bird Specials on the tabletop. From 6-9 a.m. on weekdays, Cozy Corner has $5.99 break- fast combinations and $6.99 skillets. I ordered a coffee and the House Special combo meal, which consisted of french toast, two eggs and a choice of meat (I chose the ham).

The coffee was brought to my table in a vintage-looking brown mug, and I hadn’t even downed my first cup before my breakfast was brought to my table. The French toast was served with butter, syrup and powdered sugar, and the ham seemed freshly carved. The eggs, which I ordered sunny-side up, were cooked without being rubbery or too runny. Throughout my meal, Yecenia never let me see the bottom of my mug from her frequent check-ins, each with a fresh pour of coffee.

While the service and food were quick, Cozy Corner’s weakness is its hours. The restaurant and pancake house is only open until 4 p.m. daily, unlike its competitor, Clarke’s, which is open Mondays through Wednesdays until 11 p.m. and until 3 a.m on Thursdays and weekends. Clarke’s also has the advantage of close proximity to campus, while Cozy Corner’s early closing time might make it difficult for the average Loyola student to visit on weekdays.

If you’re looking for a throwback diner vibe, breakfast specials and a waitress who will call you “sweetheart,” Cozy Corner on Clark and Devon is worth the walk and could be a cozy new addition to your list of favorite breakfast spots.

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