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From the Editor’s Desk: Opinion Sections are Meant for Discussions

In the March 22 issue of The PHOENIX, our editorial board published a piece called “Greek life needs to acknowledge, fix harmful ‘traditions.’

Since then, that piece has been getting a lot of attention — both good and bad.

A newspaper’s staff editorial is the designated place for the editorial board to publish its collective opinion. That means when you are reading a PHOENIX editorial, it is the combined thoughts of Nader Issa, Sadie Lipe, Trisha McCauley, Alex Levitt, Madeline Kenney and myself. We develop our opinions through debate, discussion and research, then come together to write one representative piece.

While our opinion is backed up by facts, it’s not labeled as or meant to be interpreted as an objective article. You can find those pieces in our other sections.

The staff editorial is, however, meant to start a discussion. And it’s safe to say the editorial that ran in last week’s paper did just that.

Just as we are entitled to our freedom of speech, readers, so are you. We publish our opinion nearly every week on the first page of the opinion section, and you are free to respond in comments on our website, our Facebook page or however else you want.

Still, I challenge you to go one step further and voice your opinions here, in The PHOENIX. That’s what our opinion section is for. We want to publish thoughtful, challenging opinion pieces, even if they go up against our own beliefs.

So, if you have something you want to say, send it to Opinion Editor Sadie Lipe at

It’s easy to have a one-sided conversation. It’s easy to post an anonymous comment or leave an unhappy review. Yet, it can be hard to have a discussion — to recognize what might be true and what might be false about someone’s opinion that differs from yours.

But that’s what a newspaper’s opinion section is for: a respectful, truthful discussion of the facts.

That’s what The PHOENIX stands for. There’s nothing fake about it.

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