Dumbauld and Mannam Take Office

Courtesy of Jacob Dumbauld and Anusha MannamJunior Jacob Dumbauld and sophomore Anusha Mannam and were elected as president and vice president for the 2017-18 school year.

The results are in for the Student Government of Loyola Chicago (SGLC) 2017 election.

Junior Jacob Dumbauld and sophomore Anusha Mannam have been elected as president and vice president for the 2017-18 school year. They beat sophomores Max Mifsud and Jake Wild in the March 29-30 election.

SGLC announced the results in a March 31 Facebook post.

The newly elected president and vice president officially took office on April 4. Dumbauld and Mannam took over for senior Mariana Chavez and junior Adam Roberts.

Dumbauld is a biochemistry major and a member of the social fraternity Delta Sigma Phi. He was also a member of the swim club during his first year. He joined SGLC as a first-year student and worked on projects on the Residents, Commuters and Dining Committee and with the Students for Workers Justice. He was elected the speaker of SGLC in the spring 2016 semester until taking on the role of president.

Dumbauld said he thinks his role as the speaker of SGLC prepared him to become president.

“It’s too cool to be able to have that perspective,” he said. “I know how the Senate runs and now I get to work with the new speaker and help him learn from my mistakes.”

Mannam was the SGLC chair of the Allocations Committee, the previous chair of the Monetary Award Program (MAP) Advocacy Committee and the Constitutional Review Committee. Mannam is a global and international studies and political science double major.

Mannam said her different perspective made her a good candidate for vice president.

“I like to look at an issue from all sides and love hearing peoples opinions that are different than my own,” Mannam wrote in a Q&A on their campaign Facebook page. “I believe that this is reflected in my openness to new ideas which I would carry onto my time as vice president.”

Dumbauld and Mannam ran on a platform that focused on principles such as; collaborative representation, diversity of opinions and organizational cohesion.

Dumbauld said he and Mannam are hoping to create an organization that effectively represents the student body.

“The best kind of change at the university level comes around when there [are] those student activists and student government working together,” Dumbauld said. “What we are doing right now isn’t working, maybe time to try a few different things. We can be doing a better job.”

Dumbauld is looking forward to working with the student body over the next year to learn about their experiences and implement change at Loyola.

“There [are] a lot of things we could be doing better but as far as a university goes, we are doing a lot of things right. But that doesn’t mean we should stop pushing, never means you should stop pushing.”

Student representatives were also on the ballot and the newly elected sophomore representatives for next year are Caila Anderson, Charles Hwang, Jacob Lang, Jesus Ortega, Chris Rodenbaugh, Claudia Tait and Sophie Yano.

Junior representatives for next year are Andrew Buchholz, Adriana Caballero, Julia Dicambio, Spencer Egan, Peyton Maddern, Sindhu Pazhampally and Karla Robles.

The undesignated representatives are Danny Chmielewski, Brianne Coffey, Hannah Cook, Kathleen Meis, Andrew McAllister, Gabrielle Robinson and Christina Villarreal.

SGLC still has positions to fill on the Executive Committee, Auxiliary Branch, University Senate, Board of Trustees and Chief Justice, according to Dumbauld.

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