Gunshots Interrupt Youth Baseball Game at Loyola Park

Courtesy of Tony WebsterShots were fired in the 6600 block of North Clark Street Wednesday evening.

Parents are still reeling after the sound of gunshots interrupted a youth baseball game at Loyola Park June 6, according to the Chicago Police Department (CPD).

The incident took place Tuesday evening during a game for the Loyola Park Dodgers, a youth baseball team. One player was State Rep. Kelly Cassidy’s (D-Chicago) son.

The gunshots were heard near the corner of the field at 1230 W. Greenleaf Ave. according to CPD News Affairs Officer Christina Calace.

The CPD responded to a call about a possible shooting at approximately 7:31 p.m. No suspects were found, but witnesses saw a person fleeing the scene, according to Calace. The incident is not being investigated at this time, Calace said.

Cassidy said the episode doesn’t change her passion for gun-control advocacy, but it does leave her dissatisfied with opponents of gun control.

“It’s not the first shooting I’ve witnessed,” Cassidy said. “It’s not the first time we’ve experienced gun violence in our neighborhood. So in some ways it doesn’t change it … but it certainly has lit a fire and given me some frustration over the other side’s unwillingness to be reasonable.”

In a statement on her website, Cassidy said she was watching her son pitch when she heard the gunshots and helped move people to safety.

“I fought back tears as I helped to herd the rest of the kids into the safety of the building,” Cassidy said in the statement. “I comforted my son and the kids nearby, wondering what the hell I should say to them. We learned that nobody had been hit and that the shooter had fled on foot, with police in pursuit. A few minutes later, a Park District staff person informed us that the game was called. Let that sink in. A youth league baseball game was called on account of a shooting.”

Cassidy, a gun control advocate, also wrote about her efforts to introduce legislation to regulate the sale of guns. She introduced House Bill 3390 March 31, which would revoke Firearm Owner Identification cards — identification required to legally own a gun in Illinois— if an owner reports a gun lost or stolen three or more times within two years.

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