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Netflix Originals at the Forefront of September Releases

Courtesy of David ShankboneLisa Hanawalt has won multiple awards for her production design in "BoJack Horseman."

As Loyola dusts off its summer cobwebs and classes begin again, the stress of college life inevitably returns. Many of us turn to the arts for relaxation, and one of the most common destinations is Netflix. As September looms near, so do new titles to choose from on the popular streaming service. Among the returning classics such as “Jaws” and “Pulp Fiction” are Netflix originals that have subscribers watching their calendars. Here are five of The Phoenix’s most anticipated Netflix originals arriving next month.

“Little Evil” (Arrives Sept. 1)

Gage SkidmoreAdam Scott is best known for his roles in “Parks and Recreation” and “Step Brothers.” Gage Skidmore

This new horror-comedy from director Eli Craig (“Tucker & Dale vs. Evil”) stars Adam Scott (“Parks and Recreation,” “Step Brothers”) and Evangeline Lilly (“Lost,” “Ant-Man”). The film pokes fun at movies like “The Omen” (1976) and “The Orphan” (2009) and their common trope of creepy children. Craig found past success in the horror-comedy genre with “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil,” and eyes are on him to follow it up with “Little Evil.”

“Narcos: Season 3” (Arrrives Sept. 1)

Gage SkidmorePedro Pascal also plays Oberyn Martell in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Gage Skidmore

The story of Pablo Escobar and his cartel legacy continues this September with the third season of “Narcos.” Despite being seen as a replacement for “Breaking Bad” when it first aired, “Narcos” has grown into a respected show with its own devoted fan base over the years. The new season will largely follow the DEA’s battle against the Cali Cartel — so much so that actor Pedro Pascal (“Game of Thrones,” “The Great Wall”), who plays Javier Pena, specifically noted how different the third season will feel to fans of the show. Time will tell if the wider scope of storytelling benefits “Narcos” in the long run.

“Gerald’s Game” (Arrives Sept. 29)

@Mflana | FlickrDirector Mike Flanagan is an upcoming talent in the horror genre @Mflana | Flickr

Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, “Gerald’s Game” tells the terrifying story of a woman who accidentally kills her husband while handcuffed to a bed for a kinky sex game, leaving herself trapped alone in a remote, cabin getaway. With a premise as horrifying and spine tingling as only King could write, a film adaptation of the claustrophobic story calls for a skilled, proven director.

Mike Flanagan, director of successful horror films such as “Oculus” (2013), “Hush” (2016) and “Ouija: Origin of Evil” (2016), is set to helm this exercise in contained filmmaking, where the director is limited in his storytelling resources. Largely operating with one character and one location at his disposal, Flanagan is challenged to keep his audience’s attention for the duration of the film’s runtime by creating suspense from exceptional cinematography and chilling sound design.

“BoJack Horseman: Season 4” (Arrives Sept. 8)

Courtesy of David ShankboneLisa Hanawalt has won multiple awards for her production design in “BoJack Horseman.” David Shankbone

Fans of “BoJack Horseman” know the show is more than another cartoon about a talking animal. What looks like an immature, shallow comedy for teenagers on the surface eventually reveals itself as a well-written examination of depression and celebrity culture featuring comedic elements when given a deeper look. Each season has gotten better than the last, with the show’s characters and themes deepening as episodes pass. If this trend is to continue, season four could be the best yet. If you haven’t given “BoJack Horseman” a look because of its silly name or “Adult Swim” art style, I recommend looking past the talking horse.

“Jerry Before Seinfeld” (Arrives Sept. 19)

David ShankboneJerry Seinfeld will perform in Chicago on Nov. 17 at the Rosemont Theatre. David Shankbone

After finding abundant success with his Emmy-nominated web-series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld returns to TV stand-up specials with “Jerry Before Seinfeld.” The special will feature Seinfeld’s pioneering, observational humor and keen writing. In a world where politics and controversy are often the focus of comedy, Seinfeld’s laid-back, relatable and unassuming observations are refreshing. While viewers may not be doubled over by the end, they may be able to appreciate laughing about issues we have in common rather than issues we have with each other.

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