Loyola Athletics Announces Upgrades to Gentile Arena

Gentile Arena is set to debut new video boards at the men’s basketball game Nov. 10, the Loyola athletics department announced in a press release.

As part of the project, three video boards were installed on the east wall of the arena for live video and stats. Gentile is also the first NCAA arena to now have a “space ring,” a circular screen installed over center court. Other improvements included the relocation of an older screen to the opposite corner, a new media table, a new scorers’ table, new shot clocks above the baskets and new scoreboards above the tunnels.

Loyola athletic director Steve Watson told The PHOENIX that he’s impressed with the boards and the project will create a better atmosphere in the arena.

“As a department, it’s a logical next step for us to kind of step up and create that Division I experience for our athletes and our fans,” Watson said.

While the screens were on for the women’s volleyball matches Nov. 3-4, they only showed placeholder graphics. For the men’s basketball game Nov. 10, the boards will have graphics, video and stats for the first time.

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