Campus Transportation Upgrades Shuttle Tracking System

McKeever Spruck | The PHOENIXAfter students complained about intercampus shuttle delays and late arrivals and departures, Campus Transportation announced the implementation of a new mobile system that updates in real time to provide more accurate shuttle tracking data.

Loyola has implemented a new shuttle tracking system that’ll allow students to see the location and estimated arrival times of intercampus shuttles and receive real-time travel alerts on their laptops and mobile devices.

The new system, announced in an email from Campus Transportation Jan. 18, is now available through and will replace and, the sites previously used to track the shuttles. Campus Transportation recommends students bookmark the site for easy access.

Upgrading the tracking system began this past summer, according to Gretchen Carey, the manager of Campus Transportation. Campus Transportation decided to remove the old tracking system, Timepoint, because of complaints from students about the inaccuracy of the website, according to Carey.

Last semester students complained about the shuttles arriving late or not at all and just having a general sense of confusion about when the shuttles were supposed to arrive. There were also multiple equipment failures and maintenance issues which caused shuttles to be taken out of service. The PHOENIX reported in October that four mechanical issues led to shuttles having to be taken out of service or replaced.

“The new website is a little bit easier to follow, and with showing arrival times it’s easier for students to grasp when exactly the shuttles are coming,” Carey said. “It was something that needed to be done, and getting feedback from the students who didn’t know when the shuttle was coming fueled us to upgrade as quickly as possible.”

Aside from allowing students to see the location and arrival times of intercampus shuttles, the new website also comes with an announcement system that’ll alert students of any traffic accidents or delays that could affect their commute. Carey said the new system will hopefully help students make more informed decisions of whether to take the CTA or the intercampus shuttles.

The university first implemented intercampus shuttle tracking when it broadcast travel updates across campus television screens in 2015.

Students said the new system sounds helpful and will make planning the intercampus commute much easier.

“For day-to-day use it seems handy, but I think the real benefit is if there is a delay, students will know if they’ll be late to classes, hangouts, etc. and can plan accordingly,” Nicholas Boyle, a first-year political science major, said.

Another feature of the new system was designed for newer students. From their phones, students will be able to find the location of shuttle stops using GPS, making it easier for students less familiar with the campus layout to use the shuttles.

“I think it will definitely be good for the shuttle and for students,” Amanda Timlin, a first-year secondary education major, said. “It will make students feel more at ease when they wait for the bus because they can know for certain that it’s coming and how long they have to wait.”

Students with any questions about how to use the new tracking system can contact Campus Transportation at 773-508-7036 or at

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