Non-Tenure Track Union Agrees to Pay Increases in New Contract

Almudena Rincón | The PHOENIXUndergraduate students spoke at a rally during the NTT faculty strike April 4.

A contract between Loyola’s non-tenure track (NTT) faculty union and the university was ratified by union members Friday, according to a press release from a spokesperson for the union. This comes after almost two years of negotiations.

The contract will go to the Loyola Board of Trustees in June for approval. If approved, the contract will go into effect.

NTT faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) lack the same pay or job benefits when compared with their tenured counterparts. Some have said this forces them to rely on working multiple jobs to make ends meet. They unionized in January 2016 and began negotiations with the university for increased benefits and higher pay in June 2016.

Along with negotiations, part of their efforts included demonstrations and a one-day strike April 4.

The union came to an agreement April 16. The three-year contract includes increased job stability, wage increases and course cancellation fees.

Adjunct faculty will receive renewable one-and two-year appointments, and are guaranteed courses to teach per the contract. If any of their courses are cancelled, they will receive a $900 compensation.

Adjuncts with the highest degrees in their field will receive a 32 to 51 percent pay increase, according to the press release. Adjuncts without the highest degrees in their field will receive a 40 percent pay increase.

Alyson Paige Warren, an adjunct English professor who’s co-chair of the faculty bargaining team, said she’s happy about the ratification, and sees it as leverage to support other faculty, graduate students and student movements.

“We as faculty are absolutely thrilled after two years of work,” Warren said. “We’ve opened the door, [and] now it’s our job to walk through it … now that we have this wonderful contract we really see that as a responsibility and a privilege to be able to use that as a force to ballast others.”

Less than two weeks ago, the NTT faculty union at the University of Chicago similarly ratified their first contract with the university. Both them and Loyola are represented by Services Employees International Union Local 73.

“We are pleased to have secured this agreement with our non-tenure-track faculty, who are integral to the fabric of our academic community,” Loyola President Jo Ann Rooney said in a statement. “These agreements provide highly competitive pay and greater job security for our full- and part-time non-tenure-track faculty. We are grateful to all of our faculty and staff for continuing to put our students first throughout the negotiation process.”

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