Phishing Scam Targets Students, Impersonates Office of the President

Christopher Hacker | The PhoenixAfter a recent data security incident, the personal information of some Loyola employees is vulnerable.

An email appearing as if sent by Loyola’s Office of the President targeted members of the Loyola community, according to an email sent to Loyola students Wednesday from James Pardonek, Loyola’s information security officer.

The scam email appeared to be from Lou Ureneck representing the Office of the President, according to the email. It encouraged recipients to download a malware file leading to a web page requiring a university username and password. The malware redirected the recipient to the university’s Human Resource Code of Conduct.

The scam email was formatted to look like an official notice from the university, according to Pardonek.

Pardonek’s email explained “phishing” — email scams that attempt to infect computers with malware — and reminded students to avoid clicking on suspicious links and attachments in emails.

Phishing scams have been an ongoing issue for Loyola students, including a recent email impersonating a men’s basketball player. In the 2017-18 school year, students received phishing emails impersonating Loyola President Jo Ann Rooney, and another phishing campaign compromised 2,000 email accounts, The Phoenix previously reported.

Students are encouraged to contact the ITS Help Desk at 773-508-4487 if they opened a suspected phishing email.

Pardonek didn’t immediately respond to request for comment.

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