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Jordin Post, Luke Shipstad from KUURO talk Lollapalooza, Collaborating and Touring

Meet Jordin Post and Luke Shipstad — the two young faces behind the project KUURO (pronounced cure-oh) who popped of at Perry’s stage on Friday from 12:40 pm-1:20 pm. The two collaborated on a project in 2017 that has introduced a new type of bass and trap music into the EDM scene. A perfect balance between danceable and head-bangable, it’s no surprise that the duo is being pulled in different directions all over the world to perform.


Fortunately, they had some time after their set at Lollapalooza for a word with The Phoenix before setting their sights on O’hare Airport for their next gig.

Photo by Edwin Tsang

Kaylie Plauche: It’s good to meet the both of you. How was your set today at Perry’s?

Luke Shipstad: It was crazy fun! We went into it not knowing what type of crowd there would be because it was a little bit earlier in the day and it was really hot and humid. But it was dope, and people were hype, even with the heat.

Jordin Post: The turnout for a 12:40PM set was insane. There was a mosh pit, we had people backflipping in the crowd.

KP: Are you serious? That’s amazing. Was this is your first time playing Lollapalooza? What was the best part about it for you?

JP: Yeah. I think that it was definitely a bucket list festival. Especially since it’s completely mixed. It’s not purely focused on EDM. I feel like those are the bigger ones to play when you do EDM yourself.

LS: Getting to play one of these ultra premier festivals with Post Malone and Travis Scott on the bill is super humbling and we’re humbled to have the opportunity just to play in general.

KP: I agree. Everyone adds to the culture. It’s definitely an amazing opportunity for the both of you and what you have created. You both have been to Chicago before, yes?

JP: Not me, no. Luke has!

LS: The last tour we were on, I played at The Mid. That was dope, I had a little taste of the Chicago crowd. They go so hard which is great for the type of music we play and what we like to put into our sets.

KP: Who is your favorite Chicago figure or artist?

LS: I really like Chance the Rapper and Earth, Wind, & Fire.

KP:  How do you feel about Kanye?

LS: He’s dope. He’s Insane, but dope!

JP: He’s doing his own thing.

LS: He’s the definition of doing your own thing, which is great, that’s what artistry and music should be all about.

KP: So how did you guys meet and start this project as KUURO?

JP: We met way back, about 5+ years ago?

LS: We’ve known each other for almost 7 years now-but that was thought the internet

JP: We were both doing more trance and progressive house kind of stuff.

LS: Yeah, and we signed music to similar labels and shared some label spots for awhile. I would play out his music and he would play out mine.

JP: We never really talked though, but then a couple of years ago I had a show in Seattle. We had a quick dinner beforehand. It was the briefest moment meeting each other, 5 minutes of talking where it was like “Okay, I have to go now but I’ll see you around! Peace!” and then we just kind of stayed in touch after that and shared what we were working on and then at some point were like, well I have a couple of tracks that are completely different from what I’ve been working on, and maybe you’re feeling this….Then it turned out that we shared some major interests.

KP: You both have been traveling a lot. What are your tour essentials?

LS: My laptop or a gaming device like my Nintendo Switch.

JP: Something for the downtime, especially in between shows when you’re at the airport killing a few hours.

LS: A lot of the time, people say “You’re so lucky. You get to see all these cool places,” but in all reality after you’re finished traveling and everything, the last thing you want to do is go out and explore. Sometimes you just need to chill in the hotel room. Sometimes you have to go straight to the venue and then fly out immediately after your set.

JP: Whenever a fan hits you up and says “you’re in my city, what do you think of it?”-You don’t really know what to answer because you didn’t really get to experience it. It kind of sucks. You want to but you don’t have time for it.

LS: But, this is my second time in Chicago and we’ve explored a a little by trying the local foods. We had some falafel earlier on the street

KP: That’s my favorite, especially the green falafel-out of this world. What’s next for you both?

LS: We’re flying out to Calgary now for Chasing Summer, then the day after that we have Veld in Toronto, then a little bit of downtime. Then, Electric Zoo in New York. It’s a fun festival month for sure.

KP: Music wise what’s next?

JP: So many things, so many things…

LS: We actually just play-tested a bunch of stuff for the very first time. It’s always risky when it’s your first time, and it’s at such a premier festival. We always feel like “Oh let’s just play something safe that we know works” but you got to try the new stuff-and trying the new stuff out at Lollapalooza-there’s a lot of anxiety behind it but everything went off, the crowd reacted amazingly. The next release will probably be coming out in the next month.

KP: Fantastic! I’ll make sure to check it out. Thanks so much for talking with us, make sure to get some Chicago mix popcorn at the airport and have a safe flight!

KUURO’s music can be found on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music. Stay on the lookout for their new release next month and follow them on Instagram , Twitter, and Facebook.


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