Denzel Curry and Kid Trunks Thrash and Electrify Bottom Lounge

Courtesy of Michele D'AmaroRapper Denzel Curry returned to Chicago to perform a sold-out show at Bottom Lounge Oct. 4.

Denzel Curry returned to Bottom Lounge (1375 W. Lake St.) with support from opener Kid Trunks Oct. 4 to a rowdy crowd at a sold-out show.

Kid Trunks, a Broward County, Florida native opened the show for Denzel Curry and spent more time honoring fallen rapper and friend XXXtentacion than highlighting his own talents. Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, popularly known as XXXtentacion, was shot and killed in Broward County June 18.

Kid Trunks performed his popular hits such as “Look At Me!” and “On That Bitch,” which featured  XXXtentacion.

Many rappers from the area and collaborators have paid tribute to XXXtentacion’s legacy and genre of Emo Rap,although his criminal past and posthumous releases tend to overshadow his living cohorts. The crowd visibly spent more energy thrashing to XXXtentaction’s older tracks, than to Kid Trunks’ current repertoire.

As Curry took to the stage, fog machines and hypnotic visuals danced on two monitors framing the stage behind him. He started with the first and album-titled track, “TA13OO.”

Curry laid into tracks from the album such as “BLACK BALLOONS” and “SUMO,” before chucking water bottles into the crowd which revived the thrashing fans.

Before performing his most recognizable track to date, “Ultimate,” fans chanted “U-L-T” as an orchestral interlude played in the background. The interlude served as a breather for Curry and his exhausted fans.

Zachary Swezy, a Loyola alumnus and graduate student at Columbia College, was impressed by the crowd’s engagement.

“The energy he brought to the show was palpable, almost electric,” Swezy said. “Fans were all but hanging from the rafters for his set.”

Jared Capuson, a junior studying advertising and public relations at Loyola and production intern Vocalo 91.1 FM, had the opportunity to hang out with Curry pre-performance.

“He was very down to earth and had us laughing the whole time,” Capuson said. “His love for performing was radiant and it really showed when he took the stage.”

Gearing up for another energetic delivery, Curry performed “SWITCH IT UP” and “SUPER SAIYAN SUPERMAN.” Before the next song, he paused to give credit to two of his collaborators, JID and Billie Eilish.

“This track in particular is my favorite [from “TA13OO”],” Curry said before performing “SIRENS.” He went on to add he “was originally singing on it but [Billie Eilish] came and sauced it up.”

Curry ended the show in a predictable manner, performing songs close to the ordered tracklist of  “TA13OO,” by performing “CLOUT COBAIN.”

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