Dragonball Z Flies Into Theaters With Double Feature

Courtesy of Fathom EventsTwo Dragonball Z movies were screened at the Saiyan Double Feature.

Fathom Events held special screenings of “Dragonball Z: Bardock — Father of Goku” and “Dragonball Z: Fusion Reborn” in the Dragonball Z: Saiyan Double Feature event Nov. 3 and 5 in select theaters.

The Saiyan Double Feature showcased fully remastered versions of “Bardock — Father of Goku” and “Fusion Reborn,” according to Fathom Events. Local venues included AMC Rosemont 18, Evanston 18 and Regal City North Stadium 14.

Both movies ran for 103 minutes and featured the original Japanese score. The original English character voice-overs were used as well, featuring voice actors Sean Schemmel as Son Goku, Christopher Sabat as Vegeta and Sonny Strait as Bardock in their respective movies.

Ticket holders received a Dragonball Super trading card which featured characters and techniques from “Fusion Reborn.” One side showed Goku and Vegeta performing the fusion dance, a technique meant to merge two warriors and grant them ultimate power, and the other side showed Gogeta, the ultra powerful warrior born from the fusion of Goku and Vegeta via the fusion dance.

Early arrivals could partake in a Dragonball Super trivia game with questions about scenes from the Dragonball Super anime on the big screen. After the time to answer expired, the scene from the anime explaining the answer was shown. It was a fun treat for fans of the series.

At the start of each movie, the television preview from the original Japanese airing of the movies were shown. The preview included brief descriptions of each movie in Japanese, explaining characters and general plot details.

“Bardock — Father of Goku” takes place before the events of the original Dragonball series, focusing on the story of the Saiyans, an elite warrior race Bardock is a part of, and their extinction at the hands of the galactic tyrant Frieza. With newfound psychic powers, Bardock confronts the evil ruler alone in a desperate attempt to save his race.

“Fusion Reborn” follows Goku as he attempts to stop Janemba, a being born from a chemical accident in the afterlife, or Other World. With the help of Pikkon, a deceased warrior, and Vegeta, the deceased Prince of Saiyans, the trio works to reverse the effects of Janemba on existence and restore natural order.

Even if viewers saw these movies beforehand, seeing the stories unfold on the big screen made a truly special viewing experience. The theater enhanced the sound and visuals to capture the scale of the events on-screen.

The Saiyan Double Feature was the second movie showing in a two-part event featuring Dragonball Z movies. The previous event took place Sept. 15 and 17 and held screenings for “Dragonball Z: Broly — The Legendary Super Saiyan” at select theaters. 

These events lead up to the new Dragonball movie, “Dragonball Super: Broly,” set to release in select American theaters in January 2019. “Dragonball Super: Broly” will feature Bardock differently from his “Bardock: Father of Goku” counterpart. Bardock’s new origin story will come from “Dragonball Minus: The Departure of the Fated Child,” a special manga chapter by series creator Akira Toriyama.

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