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Jack Harlow Puts on a Captivating Show at Reggies Rock Club

Alanna Demetrius | The PhoenixRapper Jack Harlow is part of a collective called "Private Garden." He performed at Reggie's Rock Club Nov. 11.

An up-and-coming 20-year-old rapper, Jack Harlow, lit up the stage at the Chicago leg of his latest tour, “The Loose Tour,” at Reggies Rock Club (2109 S. State St.) Nov. 11.

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Harlow released his first album, “18,” in 2016 under his label “Private Garden Records.” Harlow doesn’t just have fans in his hometown anymore; he now has a national fanbase.

Harlow and fellow artists from Louisville form a collective called “Private Garden,” which set out to perform Harlow’s latest album “Loose” Nov. 1 in Los Angeles. Harlow was joined by local Chicago artist, Kovu, as the opening act.

Kovu, Chicago rapper, made an effort to open the show with high energy, but the crowd didn’t seem to connect with him, creating a rocky start. Some audience members enjoyed his music, but when met with requests to “bounce” and “dance,” they didn’t comply.

The atmosphere of the crowd shifted when Harlow’s friends Lucci and Ace Pro came on stage to kick of his set.

Harlow opened with “Sundown,” one of his most recent hits. The song captures a free-spirited moment kicking back with friends — something the audience clearly related to as they grew increasingly excited when the track began. They sang almost every lyric of the opening song.

The energy continued even as Harlow performed lesser-known songs off of his second studio album, “ Gazebo.” An audience member requested “Dark Knight,” another old track that made the audience go wild.

Fellow rappers, Shloob, featured on Harlow’s song “Wasted Youth,” and 2forwOyNE, featured on two tracks off “Loose,” came to perform with Harlow several times throughout the set, increasing the crowd’s enthusiasm.

Harlow successfully created a high intensity set and high remained personal and down to earth  with the audience through various speeches he gave to the crowd. He noted how engaged the crowd was multiple times during his performance and thanked them on numerous occasions for their enthusiasm.

The entire set was impressive and the crowd danced and sang from the first to the final song.

Although the show didn’t begin as exhilarating as the crowd seemed to desire, Harlow and fellow members of “Private Garden” created a community with the audience which helped present an entertaining and impressive show for avid fans.

The Loose Tour continues through Dec. 29 as the artists prepare for two highly anticipated hometown shows.

Harlow and opener Kovu’s music can be found on various online music streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.

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