Scott Laudati’s “Bone House” Revives New York, Sadness and Simple Poetry

Courtesy of Scott LaudatiScott Laudati released his second poetry book, "Bone House," which features emotional and raw stories about his New York experience.

When Scott Laudati decided he couldn’t count on anybody else to do anything, he started writing.

Laudati’s love for writing led him to publish his second poetry collection, “Bone House,” a book filled with personal, emotional and raw poems about his life in New York. Laudati has also written and published a novel, “Play in the Devil,” and a poetry collection, “Hawaiian Shirts in the Electric Chair.”

Laudati, 31, discussed his writing career and “Bone House” in an interview with The Phoenix.

While working for a hotel popular among celebrities, Laudati became depressed. He said he began writing down his day-to-day experiences, which later comprised the poems in “Bone House.”

Laudati said he writes his poems in first person to make them feel more personal, even though not all the poems are based on his own experiences.

Through narrative poems and simple stanzas that don’t rhyme, Laudati shows loneliness, despair and hope. “buying cocaine for **** *******.” is an example of this narrative structure; it describes an encounter Laudati had with a famous woman in the New York hotel.

Hidden surprises and raw emotions characterize some poems, such including “he was never one for conversation.,” which tells Laudati’s best friend’s heartbreaking story of drug addiction.

Laudati grew up in New Jersey — the unmentioned setting of some of his poems. He said he always wanted to live in New York, and now that he lives in the city, he wants to one day be known as a New York poet.

“Every time I move away, I don’t like where I am and I end up moving back to New York,” Laudati said. “So I’d like to be known someday as an artist that loves New York and wrote well about it. … Aside from, like, Chicago, I think it’s the only real city in the United States.”

“Bone House” doesn’t fall short including New York depictions. It describes what it’s like to experience fall in the city and explicitly mentions the craziness that comes with living in the whirlwind of a city.  “what is this is?” is a poem about living in New York and talks about its people, its streets and its problems.

With 35 poems, the collection is easy to read and follow. Readers will likely want to hold onto every word and talk about their own struggles after finishing the individual poems; however, the collection depicts more than just struggles.

Laudati said he doesn’t intend for his poems to appeal to a specific audience, but he feels college students will be able to connect to them.

The opening poem, “something like love.,” is about love, hope, loss and heartbreak in a college setting which makes it appealing to a younger audience.

Laudati encouraged young people to write while they’re in college.

“Everything you write in the beginning is going to be horrible; you have to get all of that out,” Laudati said. “Do it when you’re in school and no one’s expecting anything of you.”

He also encouraged students to branch out after they graduate college.

“Move anywhere where there’s other people your age all struggling,” Laudati said. “Because that energy of the city and of people your age all trying to be creative, you lose that when you turn 30, 32, 35. And it’s never like that again. There’s no magic after that.”

Laudati will be at the Venus Cabaret Theater (3745 N. Southport Ave.) Nov. 19 for a reading of “Bone House.”

Courtesy of Scott Laudati
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