Wavves and Beach Fossils Go Out With a “Banger”

Alanna Demetrius | The PhoenixDustin Payseur of Beach Fossils sang and crowd surfed at the show.

San Diego rock band Wavves and Brooklyn alternative group Beach Fossils closed their “I Love You” tour Wednesday Nov. 7 at the Bottom Lounge (1375 W. Lake St.).

Wavves, which released its sixth studio album, “You’re Welcome,” in 2018, partnered with Beach Fossils as it toured its third studio album, “Somersault,” released in 2017.

The pair, along with opener Kevin Krauter, gave the audience a special performance to celebrate the last show of the tour. 

The show offered a variety of music for the audience to experience including slower jams, hard rock music and refreshing indie beats. 

Indiana native Kevin Krauter released his first studio album in 2018. He opened the show with “Rollerskate,” which established a more relaxed and laid-back vibe to set the mood of the show. Krauter followed his opening song with tracks like “Keep Falling in Love” which helped to connect the crowd with his unique, playful and loving style. 

Audience members swayed along to the slow beats of Krauter’s music as they prepared for Wavves’ head-banging set. 

Wavves captured the audiences’ full attention as it opened its set with a traditional rock song, completely shifting the mood of the room. The audience sang along to almost every song played, especially Wavves’ most popular hits, “King of the Beach,” “Nine is God” and “Green Eyes.”  

Nathan Williams, lead singer of the group, created an intimate relationship with the audience as he talked to them throughout the whole set. His choice to drink a bottle of Jameson as many audience members also drank added to the personal nature of the set and made it feel like a backyard concert instead of a headlining tour across America. 

Beach Fossils, the last group to perform, re-established a more low-key atmosphere as it opened with “Sugar” off its newest album “Somersault;” however, the band was able to maintain the intimate nature of the show throughout its set with slow jams such as “Sleep Apnea” and “Down the Line.” 

Notably, lead vocalist and guitarist Dustin Payseur asked the light booth to turn off all of the lights and invited audience members to light the stage up with flashlights instead. Payseur’s request bonded the audience and the band in this moment, maintaining the feeling in the venue of a smaller private show instead of a professionally produced tour. 

Payseur and his bandmates interacted with the crowd throughout the entire set. At moments, Payseur even jumped into the audience to crowd surf along with the fans. 

To close out the show, Payseur invited opener Kevin Krauter, his band and fellow headliner Wavves to sing Oasis’ 1995 classic “Wonderwall.” This ending created a moment of celebration and universal love in the audience as everyone sang along and swayed to the song. The closing song felt like the end of a late night partying with close friends. 

The “I Love You” tour successfully allowed fans and followers of all three artists to develop a personal connection with each band and their music. 

All three artists can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and other online platforms. 

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