Phoenix 101: How to Get on the Student Government Ballot

Courtesy of Student Government of Loyola ChicagoLoyola's student government will elect 28 senators, a chief justice and a president and vice president March 21-22.

Loyola’s student government is gearing up to elect a new swath of student representatives. Elections are less than a month away, but if you’re interested in running, here’s how to get your name on the ballot.

Student Government of Loyola Chicago (SGLC) has more than a dozen open positions this election cycle. You can run for president, vice president, chief justice or senator.

There’s 28 open Senate seats. That’s seven from each year, from rising sophomores to rising seniors, and seven undesignated Senate seats that anyone from any year can run for. Seven Senate seats are also left open for first-years joining the university in the fall.

Prospective candidates are required to attend a candidate meeting. Those are being held until March 1 in Damen 210. Times are listed on SGLC’s website here, or they can be scheduled if none of those times work.

To get on the ballot, each candidate must get 50 undergraduate signatures with Loyola email addresses, write a one page statement of candidacy, which can be anything from why you’re running to what issues you plan to address, and sign a contract.

All that is due by 4 p.m. on March 10. You can hand deliver it to the SGLC Office on the second floor of the Damen Student Center, room 210, or email it to

You can get the necessary forms from SGLC’s spring elections packet here.

Campaigning will take place from March 11-20, and voting will happen via online ballot March 21-22.

If you don’t know what SGLC does, you can read our previous Phoenix 101 on the organization below.

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