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Running List of The Phoenix’s Unanswered Questions

Courtesy of Loyola University Chicago

So far this year, The Phoenix has had a number of questions go unanswered by Loyola’s administration. Here is the list:

Questions about crime:

  • Can you please send me information about the domestic battery that occurred on 6700 N Sheridan at 4:07 p.m. on Feb. 2.
  • Hope your summer is going well. I’m looking into an interesting crime I saw in the logs — wanted to get as much info as you could give me about it (barring personal info of course). Let me know and thanks. Incident in question: Computer Fraud at Granada Center — Reported June 15 and occurred May 31.

Questions about tuition increase:

  • Would Dr. Rooney be available for a phone call sometime tomorrow or Tuesday? I have a few follow-up questions about the [tuition] announcement.

Questions about Ald. Ed Burke’s connection to Loyola:

  • Why isn’t he listed as a member on the council’s website? Didn’t he used to be? When was he removed from the listing on the website? When I checked the Council’s website a few days ago, the members were listed with the exception of Burke. Now, none of the members can be found.
  • Why is that?
  • Is the university hiding that Burke’s on the council? If so, why?
  • I also asked for clarification on the role of the Council of Regents, which wasn’t provided in your answer. Do they actively fundraise for the school? Their actual role is unclear on the website.
  • What is the university’s reaction to the criminal charges?
  • Do you have a comment specifically about Burke’s history of donating to the school? The most recent donation recorded is from December.
  • Does the school plan to return the money from Burke, specifically the most recent donation?
  • Does President Rooney have a comment on the situation?

Questions about Campus Safety stopping and frisking:

  • My findings are as follows: 80 people were stopped and frisked by Campus Safety in the last two years. (Using IPSS 2016 & 2017 data) 61 were minorities, and a large majority were presumably innocent, or frisked for non-violent, minor misdemeanors.
  • The numbers raise the question: is the department engaged in racial profiling?
  • Why do crimes such as public urination, public intoxication, open container violations and in one instance “refusing to pay CTA fare” warrant a frisk?
  • What are your officers looking for when you frisk somebody? What is the department’s training procedures for stop and frisk?
  • What does the department deem “suspicious” enough activity to warrant a frisk?
  • How many of those 80 people were students?
  • Do Campus Safety Officers note a public detention and frisk incident 100 percent of the time as mandated by state law? Basically, does 80 stop and frisks sound about right or would this be an undercount? (Note: I’m omitting incidents that led straight to arrest without a frisk)
  • I assume when no citation, verbal warning or arrest is doled out the person is presumably innocent or let go?
  • How does the department balance stopping and frisking potential suspects with inconveniencing innocent passers by?

Questions about air quality reports in BVM hall:

  • Is President Rooney aware of the situation?
  • Does she have a comment on it?
  • What is the name of the external firm that just completed an investigation?
  • What is the name of the firm that investigated a few years ago?

Questions about Rooney’s email citing The Phoenix’s liability and inaccurate reporting:

  •  What specifically are the inaccuracies that Rooney is referring to?
  • Also, what is the liability that she’s referring to? Is this financial or reputational?
  • Can you be more specific?

Questions about Campus Safety and the Chicago Police Consent Decree:

One of the reforms including mental health resources for CPD officers, does Loyola have mental health programs in place for their officers? If so, what are they?
  • The consent decree as a whole is a response to allegations of unconstitutional policing especially against minorities found in CPD. Does Campus Safety have specific training or standards in assuring fair policing? If so, what do these look like?
  • This list will continue to be updated throughout the semester.

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