Four crimes take place near Lake Shore Campus

Katie Anthony | The Loyola PhoenixThe incident occurred less than a mile away from Loyola's Lake Shore Campus.

Three batteries and an aggravated assault with a firearm were reported near Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus in the past two weeks, according to Campus Safety’s crime logs.

Campus Safety didn’t send an email to Loyola students and employees alerting them of any of the crimes. Alerts are sent if there is an “imminent threat” to campus, The Phoenix previously reported.

The Chicago Police Department (CPD) told The Phoenix only one of these four crimes were listed in its records.

The first reported battery took place around 2:30 a.m. April 13 on the 1200 block of West Arthur Avenue. A CPD spokesman said the battery wasn’t in the department’s records.

On April 17 around 8:40 p.m., another battery was reported in Bellarmine Hall on Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus. CPD didn’t have a record of this crime.

The same night around 10 p.m., an aggravated assault with a firearm near Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus was reported to CPD. Two students saw a man with a gun in an alley and the case was referred to CPD, Campus Safety Sgt. Tim Cunningham said in an email through Loyola spokesperson Evangeline Politis. The victim fled and no injuries were reported, according to CPD.

Another battery was reported April 21 on the 6300 block of N. Sheridan and CPD didn’t have information on the incident.

Campus Safety holds weekly investigative meetings and reevaluates case information, Politis’ email said.All four crimes are listed in the crime logs as “handled by another jurisdiction” or “handled by other jurisdiction,” which means CPD handled the case, The Phoenix previously reported. A Phoenix investigation concluded nearly half of the violent crimes near campus with this indication didn’t appear in CPD’s records.

It’s unclear if any of these crimes are connected.

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