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This is my last Phoenix byline and it’s not okay

Emily Rosca | The Phoenix

So, here it is. The last issue of Volume 50 of The Phoenix. My last issue as editor-in-chief of this great student newspaper.

This has been an incredible job.

I don’t think I’ll ever have a job like this again. This year, I got to publish a sappy love letter to my girlfriend, an editorial saying there should be more bars near campus (which was well-written and nuanced if I do say so myself; also R.I.P. PCo’s) and hold Loyola accountable for a slew of issues this year.

As a staff, we fought for our right to access in the university. We pointed out problems in the Campus Safety Department (again), the 8-RIDE ridesharing service and the dorms.

We shared poignant stories of many Loyola students and faculty members. A Syrian refugee. A survivor of sexual assault. A member of Campus Ministry who’s run a crap-ton of marathons.

As I stare down the beginning of my career in journalism, I don’t think I’ll ever have a job that allows me this much freedom.

So I’m sitting here, yelling at my staff about their stories for one last time thinking about how fun this job was, how fun the last four years at The Phoenix have been.

And as I’m sitting here, writing what will be my last byline in The Loyola Phoenix, I’m struggling to find the words to sum up my time at this newspaper.

I love this newspaper. I love the room that this newspaper is crafted in. I love the people — past and present— who I’ve worked next to in this room. I love all the friends I’ve made along the way (can’t wait for your wedding in May, former co-assistant sports editor Dylan Conover).

I’ve published dozens of stories, features, profiles, investigations, columns, editorials and photos in this paper.

I’m sorry if this is starting to ramble, but hey, my old sports column used to be called “Redman’s Ramblings,” and you’d be rambling too if you had to sum up one of your formative college experiences into about 600 words.

I don’t even think I’m gonna get to previewing this week’s issue in this column because I’ve got too many thoughts swirling around. But believe me, it’s a good one.

I’m realizing now there’s a bunch of people I never even got to mention in The Phoenix, and what’s the point of having unlimited power over a publication if you can’t use it to scratch the backs of your friends? So, for all the college friends who haven’t gotten a mention in the paper yet, here you go. My roommates Kyle, Chris and Tony; my friends Pat, Will, Almasa, Lauren, Bridget, Ben Jacob, Eleanor, Turner, Mike, Harte and McKeever and I’ll throw in one more mention for Claire (the subject of the aforementioned sappy love letter).

It’s no secret I’ve had a strange college experience — see past columns. But if it weren’t for this newspaper and these people, I wouldn’t have had the amazing time at Loyola that I did.

My mom once asked me if working at The Phoenix made me hate Loyola. I said of course not, I love Loyola, and by my work at The Phoenix I hope I’ve helped make it a little bit better for the people here.

Welp, this is hard to end because when I stop writing that means I’m done writing at The Phoenix. This is it for my time as editor-in-chief, I hope you enjoyed it.

P.S. If you’re looking for me I’ll be crying into a Schlitz at our favorite neighborhood bar, Cunneen’s.

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