The Music Beat: Anything Boys Can Do, Girls Can Do Better

Rock ‘n’ roll, pop punk, the alternative scene, you name it, it’s a male-dominated world, but that wasn’t about to slow down the women of Dressy Bessy, Colleen Green and Potty Mouth who performed at Sleeping Village June 26.

I made my way out to the venue and prepared myself the best way I knew how: dramatically staring out the bus window. The beautiful golden haze of a sunset indicated it was about to downpour.

The moment I stepped off the bus, monstrous raindrops splashed onto my phone screen as I frantically tried to figure out which direction the venue was. I took cover and learned I was only one block away but it was too late. The skies had opened.

My camera took priority under my rain jacket, which I luckily had enough foresight to bring.

I walked into Sleeping Village looking like I had just stepped out of the shower and felt like a wet rat. It’s me! Everyone’s favorite wet rat!

Ready to be distracted from my dampness, I stepped into the back room of the bar. Moments later pop-punk trio Potty Mouth entered the stage ready to do just that.

Potty Mouth embodies what the punk bit of pop punk is all about. The guitars were loud and voices commanding with an air of casual confidence. The members jammed out on stage with plenty of hair flips and power stances, making me want to do the same.

Lead singer Abby Weems chatted with her bandmates to change the set list mid-set. The real-time decisions made the performance feel more personal, suiting the intimate venue.

Indie pop singer Colleen Green was next to the stage. She took the casual, calm and collected attitude to another level, putting on her sunglasses and popping in a new piece of gum as she opened her set. This alone made me never want to be on her bad side.

She enthralled the crowd all on her own with her electric guitar. The rest of the instrumentals were pre-recorded, allowing one indie rock bop to flow seamlessly into the next.

Not going to lie, there was a hot second where I thought, “Wow, this is a really long song,” and then my logical brain started working again.

Rock outfit Dressy Bessy headlined the evening of rock ‘n’ roll, taking the stage like the seasoned vets they are. Having been at it for more than 20 years in total, there was a level of comfort as they performed “Just Like Henry” from their debut 1999 album, “Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons.”

The band beamed smiles throughout the show and shared their gratitude with the fans. They joked that if they could be the house band for Sleeping Village they would, but it’d be a long commute from their home in Colorado.

Bessy herself, Tammy Ealom, reminisced on her time in the band and paid tribute to bassist Rob Greene, who passed a few years back, with “Mon Cheri.”

By the time the show ended, my hair had finally dried and I had found some new feminist inspiration. Girls really do rock.

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