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Bayside Fills Bottom Lounge with Heavy Riffs and High Energy

Punk rock band Bayside, following the release of its highly anticipated album “Interrobang” performed for a crowd of enthusiastic fans at its sold out show at the Bottom Lounge (1375 W. Lake St.) Nov. 7.

Rock band Eugene Levy, a special guest for the Chicago performance, opened and set the high energy mood for the night followed by Sincere Engineer, a folk rock band. Bayside announced to the audience in between songs that it hosted a “Battle of the Bands” competition where fans voted on local bands to open for each of their shows. The band had over 1,000 local band entries and 200,000 fan votes, according to its website.

Fans cheered “Let’s go Bayside” as the Queens based rock band took the stage. Bayside kicked off its performance with the title track from its latest album, “Interrobang,” released Oct. 4. The audience sang along as lead singer and rhythm guitarist Anthony Raneri showed off his powerful voice and guitarist Jack O’Shea attested to his ability to shred on guitar. 

Lights flashed and the audience shoved into each other in an attempt to get closer to the barricade as the band played the old favorite, “Sick, Sick, Sick” off the album “Killing Time.” 

Bassist Nick Ghanbarian showed off his ability to engage the audience while simultaneously playing the quick bassline that defines the song “Tall,” which saw its live debut just a day prior in Indiana. “Prayers,” also newly debuted, is laden with a variety of invigorating guitar riffs and drum rhythms, played by drummer Chris Guglielmo, that brought out the ability Bayside has to create music with an array of tempos and sounds while still sounding harmonious. 

The beat slowed down and lights softened as Bayside performed the mellow song “It Don’t Exist” off its album “Acoustic Volume 2.” Soft, acoustic guitar tones define the track and served as an effective contrast to the fast-paced, rock songs of the night. The relative smaller capacity of the Bottom Lounge — 700 people — compared to a venue like the Aragon Ballroom that hosts 5,000 persons allowed for an intimate feeling between the audience and the band that was further highlighted during this slower song. 

For the final song pre-encore, Raneri pushed his high-powered, dynamic voice as the crowd yelled out the lyrics “I’m feeling so numb” from the sixth track off “Interrobang” titled “Numb.”

Crowd surfers floated through the audience and a small mosh pit was in full swing as Bayside closed its show with its most popular song, “Devotion and Desire” off its self-titled album. 

Bayside will continue its tour of North America through the end of this year. Bayside is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. 


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