COIN Lights Up Vic Theatre with Electric Energy

The lights were low but anticipation was high as indie pop group COIN took the stage at The Vic Theatre (3145 N Sheffield Ave.) Nov. 1.

Alternative pop project Dayglow opened for the band, strutting on stage in cowboy hats and greeting the audience with a “Howdy, Chicago.” The five-member group started off the night with upbeat vibes to please COIN fans with songs like “False Direction” and “Hot Rod” from their album “Fuzzybrain.”

Taking the stage in matching orange pants, COIN’s epic energy began immediately with their opening unreleased track “Into My Arms” and the more familiar 2018 single “Growing Pains.” Lead singer Chase Lawrence’s headbanging, hip-thrashing and overall exhilarating energy fueled the crowd throughout the entire show.

Rows of lights backlighting the band enhanced its performance and the energy of the show. Colors and intensity changed with every song, and flashing strobe lights amped up the crowd at just the right moments. The lights even coordinated with lyrics at times, especially with lines “Black and white / Rainbow,” from the song “Simple Romance.”

About halfway through the show, Lawrence asked the audience if the band could perform a song from their new album “Dreamland,” set to release Jan. 24, 2020. The crowd cheered in affirmation as the group played the new track “Nobody’s Baby.”

The band’s intensity only toned down when the setlist chilled out with “Malibu 1992” from its second album, “How Will You Know If You Never Try.” Lawrence then swapped his synthesizer for a keyboard and the band performed a slower, skeletal piano version of “Time Machine,” from their debut namesake album.

Contagious energy from each band member — lead guitarist Joe Memmel, bassist Matt Martin and drummer Ryan Winnen alongside Lawrence — returned for the final few songs, including most recent single “Crash My Car.”

Lawrence’s voice very rarely showed signs of fatigue despite the band performing 17 high-energy songs in just over an hour. Lawrence and the crew demonstrated their dedication to performing, and the crowd cheered, clapped and danced along to show their appreciation.

“One more?” Lawrence asked the audience, who emphatically clapped and cheered in response. “Let’s make it count.”

The band delivered an electric encore performance of the song “Feeling,” off the album “How Will You Know If You Never Try,” to close out the night.

Dayglow and COIN are available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

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