9 Things To Do During Self-Quarantine That Don’t Involve Netflix

Provided photoMonopoly is just one of many board game options that can help pass the time with roommates during quarantine.

As restaurants and bars in Illinois shut their doors, schools cancel classes and Loyola students move home for the semester to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, boredom and restlessness may be looming. While you’re getting used to life in self-quarantine, avoid getting too stir-crazy with these nine things to do.

A healthy combination of productivity, entertainment and relaxation just might help you stay busy without risking the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus.

Get creative with at-home exercise and yoga

With many gyms closing or altering hours in the midst of the coronavirus spread, it’s time to get creative with how to stay in shape. Luckily, fitness and yoga gurus on YouTube and Instagram make it easy to find a way to work out at home. Find a “trainer” you like, set up a computer or cell phone and get to work. 

Break out the board games

Remember when a game of Monopoly could take up a whole day? Or when games like Rummy and Kings in the Corner would hold your attention for hours? It might be time to return to that strategy. 

Days can — and will — get long being holed up in the house all day. Challenge your family or roommates to some friendly competition. Quarantined solo? No problem. A deck of cards can keep you occupied for longer than you might think.

Tap into your creative outlets

It’s important to keep your mind stimulated even in times of incessant boredom. Pick up a paint brush, crack open a journal, fire up the piano or try your hand at poetry. Who knows, you could even end up liking it.

Crack into that book collecting dust on your shelf

There’s no time like self-quarantine to check off something that’s long been on your list. College students likely don’t get as much time to read for pleasure as they’d like. That can stop now — just nudge open the cover of the book you’ve been meaning to read and commit to actually finishing it.

Courtesy of Loyola University Chicago

Try out new recipes

It’s hard to find time to cook, there’s no doubt about it. But if you’ve already hit the grocery stores and stocked up on the essentials, find a new recipe and try it out. Bonus points if it’s something that can be a staple when your normal schedule resumes again. Oh, and don’t forget to wash your hands.

Stay in touch with family and friends

Let’s face it, it’s going to get old talking only to the people you live with. Pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Plus, it’s not a bad idea to check in on the people you love during something as stressful and concerning as this.

Take a walk

A breath of fresh air will probably do you some good after being stuck inside for hours on end. Stretch those legs and take a quick walk around the block to get the blood moving and refresh yourself before heading back inside. As long as you’re careful to avoid other people, this falls in line with the “social distancing” recommendation of keeping six feet between yourself and others to prevent the coronavirus spreading further.

Bring back some old-school arts and crafts

When was the last time you took a hodge-podge of knickknacks around the house and made it into a beautiful piece of art? It’s probably been a while. Find items that would lend themselves to your crafty side and go to town — cotton balls, pasta, watercolors, the works.

Your elementary-school-inspired art may not be the most beautiful, or the most conventional, but at the very least it’ll help pass the time without having your eyes glued to a screen.

Deep-clean your house or apartment

Cleanliness is as important now as ever, and that goes for your living space too. Turn up your favorite high-energy playlist or gripping podcast, and it’ll be done in a hurry. You’ll be happy to spend your time in a cleaner place, too. If you’re looking for new tunes to do this, check out The Phoenix’s A&E section for a comprehensive playlist.

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